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  1. Because of the impending snowstorm Coney Island’s Opening Day will be moved from Sunday, March 20 to Saturday, March 26. Image from Luna Park's facebook page.
  2. In this video tour of Italian ride factories you can see Zamperla's Endeavor ride at the 2:55 mark for for about 1 minute.
  3. Here is what I know, see below tax map of the lots. The Zamperla Thunderbolt is on lots 170 & 190, these are city lots. The original Thunderbolt stood on lot 105, it and lot 89, where the Playland Arcade stood, are owned by Jasmine Bullard. She inherited the land when her father Horace passed. The remaining lots I believe are all city owned. Also see link to Horace Obit, this says the lots are on the market for 90 million, but a later New York Times article notes that Jasmine took the property off the market. http://www.brooklyndaily.com/stories/2013/17/bn_bullardsidebar_2013_04_26_bk.html Tax Map
  4. Zamperla did some track work for a few weeks in early May on the Thunderbolt to improve the ride, see below picture from May 10th. The lot between the Thunderbolt and the the baseball stadium is actually divided up into many parcels of land, most of which are privately owned by the daughter of the man who owned the original Thunderbolt when Giuliani had it torn down. What you see on that lot now is the NYC Parks Department turning trees it removes into fire wood and mulch. Some track work being done to improve Thunderbolts ride.
  5. All the new Rides have been announced, well sort-of. These are from the parks 2015 map currently on their web sight. the Brooklyn Barge is in place and other then the empty space where the Balloon Expedition was removed (where Wind Star will go) no other signs of construction were seen when I was there Saturday 4/18. The Endeavor #13, said to be Zamperla’s version of an Enterprise and the Power Surge #12 Wind Star #22, Seaside Swing #26 the renamed Happy Swing, and Brooklyn Barge #23 the Rockin’ Tug.
  6. An announcement for a new operator for Playland was made 4/14/2015. http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/rye-city/2015/04/14/playland-park-rye-management/25758221/
  7. Went out to Coney Friday evening, got there around 8:30pm and the Thunderbolt was not running. There were quite a few people in line and along with 4 or 5 maintenance men working on car 1 there was also a full crew of Luna Park employs on the loading platform. We decided to stick around for a while to see if it would open. It reopened up at about 9:15pm and we got our first rice in the front row just as the Friday fireworks were starting. While walking around waiting for it to open i noticed they added one lonely trim brake just after the first airtime hill.
  8. Reports are that it opens this Saturday! Here is a link to the New York Times test ride. http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/06/13/new-york-today-a-test-drive-on-a-roller-coaster/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_php=true&_type=blogs&hpw&rref=nyregion&_r=1&
  9. Thunderbolt's Maiden Voyage Testing the roll back on the lift hill and then the first run.
  10. Today they loaded one of the cars on to the tracks. Manhandling the car on to the tracks Ready for a test run
  11. NY 1 news is reporting that the opening will be May 31. http://www.ny1.com/content/pages/208982/-thunderbolt--opening-delayed-to-may-31
  12. Here are a few pictures I took Sunday 4/27. they have started the station and have placed some of the track at the boardwalk end. the top of lift tower, it is complete and waiting for track to be added.
  13. They were busy setting up forms for more footers and assembling the tower for the Thunderbolts lift hill and first drop today. Here are some pictures of the tower.
  14. Thanks for posting. I was about to post similar pictures taken yesterday. You're welcome. I have heard that parts of the coaster started arriving on Monday 3/24, did you take any photos of them you can post?
  15. Went to Coney Island on Sunday 3/23 and took a few pictures of the construction for the new Thunderbolt. Footers have been poured on the lot at the boardwalk end. The station area and turn at the boardwalk end. I think this is the area the loop will be after the first drop.
  16. Groundbreaking for the Thunderbolt on Monday http://www.amny.com/news/coney-island-breaking-ground-on-new-thunderbolt-monday-1.7293577
  17. On site posters imply that the parks will open in April, and as I recall, the calendar on the Luna Park web site did not list last years opening weekend until mid March. I would check the calendar again in March, but I think the chances are good that the park will be open Easter Weekend. http://www.flickr.com/photos/theoccasionalfag/sets/72157629089571405/with/6785294797/
  18. The Cyclone is currently operated by Luna Park and traditionally opens on Palm sunday, and is open every weekend there after until the summer season starts. Luna Park, and The Scream Zone should also be open. All of them are also open the week of passover (as NYC schools are closed) which is April 6-14th this year. The Wonder Wheel is run by a different operator but should also be open each of these days.
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