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Wild Adventures Discussion Thread

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New for 2016 (and only 2016): Dinosaurs!



Explore a NEW land full of Dinosaurs in 2016 with over 20 giant, moving, roaring, prehistoric creatures taking over Wild Adventures. Gaze up at the life-size brachiosaurus standing over two-stories tall, go eye-to-eye with T-Rex, the king of the dinosaurs and try to outsmart a roaming raptor. These gentle herbivores and fierce carnivores will only be at the park for the 2016 Season, all included with a 2016 Season Pass!

Get your 2016 Season Pass TODAY to save up to $20, get up to FIVE Bring-A-Friends and to experience the dinosaurs in 2016 along with over 50 rides, Splash Island Waterpark, hundreds of animal friends and 15 All-Star Concerts!


What a complete let down (for me anyway). I did enjoy my visit to this park a few years ago. However for me to return I need more than a smaller version of Dinosaurs Alive! to get me in the gates again. I'm sure it will be a hit with the intended target audience. It is more family oriented than the thrill parks I generally prefer going to.

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Wild Adventures is one of those parks that, having visited once before, I feel just kind of floats along without having to do much between seasons to keep its audience coming back. It is a local market, so the concerts and occasional headliners like Robbie Knievel seem to be enough. Something like the addition of the dinosaurs falls (in my mind) right in the same category of short term efforts to bring the locals back through the turnstiles for another visit.

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I would love to see them get a lower capacity cheaper coaster that is still a thrilling stand out ride. I feel like the dry park really needs something to bring get the visitors in.


The dry park is always dead while the water park is overcrowded. I think this addition is fine but since it will go away it doesn't really add to the park. I know a coaster is not cheap, but I feel like a new slide in the water park would've been a very good decision.

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My family and I made our first trip of the year to Wild Adventures yesterday. Thunderstorms rolled in and shut down most of the rides. I found it odd that the park only closed rides taller than the tree line at the park. Does this happen at other parks?


Jungle Rumble packs quite a punch. Definitely the most intense magic carpet type ride I have ridden.

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Photo TR - Saturday, July 30th, 2016


Ever since I was a kid on TPR I wanted to do a photo TR of my now old home park, Wild Adventures. Sadly, life got in the way, and I grew older and moved further away, but I always remembered how much this site and park both meant to me as a a young coaster enthusiast. Fast forward about 11 years, and by golly the stars aligned! This weekend I happened to be visiting family, and a friend shared a news article about Wild Adventures offering free tickets to educators through Monday. Since I never intended on visiting the park, I did not have my camera with me, but I hopped in my car anyway, and made my way down to Wild Adventures!


It has been about 6 years since I visited Wild Adventures, so I was very excited to see what changed throughout the park, but, more importantly, relive some great memories through what had not. I'll make this writing portion short and sweet, by saying that HFE has done a wonderful job recreating this location in to a family-friendly theme park. Through their re-themes of certain areas, and addition of many trees, this park has really become a great place to spend a day. I feel they are really hitting their target market lately by offering more low-thrill rides, and adding their Dinosaur exhibit. I do feel like the park would benefit by adding another high-thrill type attraction, especially since part of the reason it has been so long since I've been back is that I feel I've exhausted most of the park's offerings. However, spending more time just walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds has really allowed me to respect Wild Adventures in a new light. I would happily suggest that those coming through the area stop by and check it out for yourself. It is no thrill capital, but it does have some quality rides that will leave you with a big smile on your face.


Now for pictures!


The first coaster you see coming in to the park - Ant Farm Express.


When I was a kid, you could not get me off this ride. I guess it was something about riding in a shoe? I don't know, I was pretty weird... (I was a coaster enthusiast after all!)


The second coaster in the children's portion - Go Bananas! I, however, thought the old name, Bug-Out, was pretty cool.


Go Bananas! Was actually a walk-on when I arrived. I have never been the sole rider on a coaster before, so this was a pretty neat experience!


I vaguely remember Elissa loving the old name for this ride. I really can't remember what it was called!


In Wild Adventures you can spit and it land on a Vekoma.


Swamp Thing, and its sign. Even though the paint scheme is very Nickelodeon Universe, I love it!


Coke Freestyle shop and Top Spin.


This ride sits on the former S&S Screamin' Swing sight. I never understood why they had two, but I loved them!


*Insert distasteful Disney joke here*


One HFE's original additions. The Rattler is one of the many rides in a pretty great line-up of flat rides.


The new-for-2016 Dinosaur exhibit. I skipped this, because there were large numbers of children running through.


A quick look at part of Splash Island from the amphitheater. In some respects, Splash Island is far more popular than Wild Adventures


Hey look! The amphitheater where Andy Grammer (artist who sings 'Honey I'm Good' and 'It's Fine By Me') will perform later in the evening. Funny story about that later in the TR....


The entrance to Splash Island, since it's free with park admission, there was a steady stream of bathing suit clad people heading that way.


What comes up.


Must come down.


For you lift hill enthusiasts.


Twisted Typhoon is a strikingly good Vekoma SLC. I have a theory that its relative smoothness is related to the softer South Georgia ground it was built upon, but it's probably just because they built it correctly.


Walking up part of the exit will give you some great shots.


Hangma..... I mean Twisted Typhoon.


Viking's Voyage, the transplant from Celebration City.


HFE really has done a better job with the shade. The pines reminded me of portions of SFOG.


This Cheetah does not Chase. This Cheetah does not Hunt. This Cheetah just Cheetahs.


A little better look at Viking's Voyage. This is one of those rides that is fun, because it is so bizarre.


The lake offers some great vantage points across the park. I am glad they took down the trees that were in the middle.


Ok, so the funny story about Andy Grammer. As I was queuing for the Cheetah, I noticed a large group coming up the exit ramp. As the security broke through the crowd of patrons exiting the ride, I caught a glimpse of Andy (I only recognized him since I saw his poster earlier). As is customary with honored guests, he was allowed on to the front of the train ahead of everyone else. As everyone finished boarding the train, I heard a call for a single rider. Not knowing where it came from, I raised my hand, and someone motioned me to a seat right behind Andy, next to Doug, his keyboardist. The guys were great, and were awesome to talk to. When we got off, Andy gladly agreed to a photo, because I knew my students would be very jealous that I was able to ride a roller coaster with someone they hear on the radio. It was a pretty neat experience!


This train takes you around the safari portion of Wild Adventures.


Not only does it offer great views of animals, it also offers fantastic views of The Cheetah and Twisted Typhoon.


Ironically, the other side of the lake offers better views of Swamp Thing.


In case you wanted to see how the park was laid out.


I love the paint-scheme for Boomerang!


Coaster through the coaster.


The river rapids for the park. It has a great beginning, but fairly slow ending.



An all-time favorite. I love the theme.


Looped back around the park to get another picture of Go Bananas!


The Ferris Wheel sports the park's motto - "Together, we are fun at heart!"


One of the many animal related shows at Wild Adventures.


I think that this is one of the most hidden gems at the park.


The Alapaha Trail features animals from around South Georgia and also the world.


It takes you to the park's quieter side, and lets you meander through animal exhibits, as well as an actual swamp.


Portions of the trail are turned in to a haunt zone during Halloween.


You are able to move at your own pace, and the entire walk is naturally shaded.


It is even home to my spirit animal.


Really, it is truly beautiful.


If you ever want a quiet place to beat the heat, this is the place to go.


Now you see how Swamp Thing gets its name.


The big thrill when they added the ride years ago was that you actually rode over alligators. If I remember, it took them a while to actually finish the habitat, but it offers a neat experience!


The latest ride in the WA line-up. Sadly it was down. The area around it has some Orff-style instruments for guests to play on. As a music teacher, this really made me smile!


As seen on Zombieland. Also down.


Another classic flat ride. It was truly a great few hours at Wild Adventures!

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Thanks for the great trip report! I have visited this park many times in the last 10 years so it holds a special place in my heart as well. My first visit a little over 10 years ago actually helped solidify my status as a coaster enthusiast. Who would've thought a bunch of standard Vekomas would do that! The park is off the beaten path and rarely visited by people here so I should probably follow suit and do a report as well sometime.


The slide was originally named Insecto-slide I believe (back when everything in the kids area was bug themed).


The park has improved so much since the new ownership! It's much prettier now and much more well rounded. I miss the old bug theme on some rides, and think some of the new names are less inspired, but overall the additions have really rounded out the park nicely and the trees and attention to detail have transformed the park. I do agree the only thing I wish they would do is add a lower budget custom thrilling coaster. Maybe something like Lightning Run. Really any full size steel coaster that doesn't cost too much, custom or not, would fill out the park perfectly. I understand that's still a hefty investment though and other than that the park is pretty much perfect for its market.


Anyways, glad you had a great time, loved reading your opinions, and even though I'm not a huge Andy fan I'm slightly jealous of your experience on Cheetah! Too cool.

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Wild Adventures has announced a family addition to Splash Island water park for the 2017 season with the addition of OHANA BAY. It appears to be a splash area and play structure with five children's slides and two slightly larger slides, as well as additional lounge space for parents in particular to watch their kids play. It doesn't appear that any artwork has been released yet.


From the Wild Adventures website:



Splash Island's getting BIGGER and WETTER in 2017 with OHANA BAY, a new family oasis with seven slides for everyone in your family, from the biggest kahunas to the tiniest tadpoles.


Splash Facts

  • Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family. We're calling it OHANA BAY, but you'll call it a water-soaked escape your family can't get enough of!
  • It's an all-new area in Splash Island Waterpark beside Hakini Rapids and Kona Cliffs
  • 5 of the 7 slides are just right for the smaller surfers in your group to race to the big splash!
  • The bigger kids can speed down slides with 200 feet of twisting, turning fun from 27 feet high
  • Mom and dad can kick back and relax in additional seating around the Bay while they watch the kids having a great time


We'll share more details between now and the opening of Ohana Bay. The best way to stay updated and in-the-know plus get exclusive special offers and more is by subscribing to our emails. Click here or scroll to the bottom to subscribe now!


The BEST way to enjoy the new OHANA BAY coming this Spring is with a 2017 Season Pass because you can use it RIGHT NOW for the rest of 2016's fun plus ALL of the 2017 Season! Get your Pass today to save up to $35 get the most benefits. Hurry! Sale ends October 30th.



Source: http://www.wildadventures.com/Plan-Your-Visit/New-for-2017



It seems HFE is really making Wild Adventures a nicer park (as they have been in the last few years) and they know their target audience is more families and those interested in the water park. Hopefully the dry park can get something substantial in coming years too still!

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^You're welcome! This thread has been very quiet.


I try not to have Georgia boy bias, but it has really transformed into a great and beautiful park since the HFE ownership. Just the addition of hundreds of trees alone has done wonders. For a park with mostly standard rides and coasters, it is a very nice decently sized park that still has unique attractions, and the water park is certainly the main draw and is very nice itself. Hopefully we will see bigger additions in the future but it seems like HFE really knows what they are doing. Hope y'all get back soon!

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I never been here before. Heck i never been to Georgia before! However i love learning about the not so well known amusement parks. If it was for this site i wouldnt realize that certain amusement parks existed. This place kind of reminds me of a small off-brand Busch Gardens. Not saying that in a bad way by the way. I think thats whats cool about it. I think Cheetah and Viking Voyage looks especially fun. I never been on an SLC before so i cant say much about that. I been on a Boomerang before at Darien Lake back in 2005 though. Unlike many others here i actually enjoy the Boomerang coaster. Not saying its the best but still fun to me.

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I never been here before. Heck i never been to Georgia before! However i love learning about the not so well known amusement parks. If it was for this site i wouldnt realize that certain amusement parks existed. This place kind of reminds me of a small off-brand Busch Gardens. Not saying that in a bad way by the way. I think thats whats cool about it. I think Cheetah and Viking Voyage looks especially fun. I never been on an SLC before so i cant say much about that. I been on a Boomerang before at Darien Lake back in 2005 though. Unlike many others here i actually enjoy the Boomerang coaster. Not saying its the best but still fun to me.


It's a great little family park. It has come a long way over the years. Viking Voyage and Cheetah are the best coasters in the park. Some seem to like Twisted Typhoon (the SLC), but I found it just horrible and it's the only SLC I've been on. Boomerang is ok if you like them and was the first one I rode, but The Flying Cobras @ Carowinds is much better with the newer train. I really hope this park expands more in the next few years and gets a signature coaster. It's the closest park to me, but with the lack of major coasters I don't consider it my home park and have only been once.

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^^They announced their 2016 addition in December (Dinos).

They announced Ohana Bay September 21st last year.

I think it would be somewhere between there. The bigger it is the earlier. If not as significant they may wait until the park is closed for the season.

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Wild Adventures just did a post on Facebook saying that they are making a "mega huge" announcement tomorrow. I wonder what it will be. Could it possibly be the splash battle from Dollywood?

With the park lacking a major water ride, I'd be almost ecstatic to see this happen.

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There’s a buzz in the air at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Ga. as the park expands in the 2018 season with the addition of MEGABUGS! Adventure Encounters.


“We are always working to make our guest experiences bigger and better, and in 2017 we expanded our waterpark with Ohana Bay,” said Molly Deese, Vice President and General Manager. “Now, in 2018, we are excited to announce the addition of a new themed area.”


MEGABUGS! Adventure Encounters is an immersive and interactive area, featuring more than 70 new exhibits of larger-than-life insects perfect for “bugologists” of any age to explore. It will be at Wild Adventures for a limited engagement through the 2018 season.


Guests will crawl like a spider, fly like a bee and dig like an ant as they interact with colossal crawlers along winding paths.


In this brand new area of the park, guests will come face-to-face with a 15-foot Emperor Dragonfly, a 26-foot Hissing Cockroach, a 50-foot Madagascan Fire Millipede, and much more, including friendly Bees, Butterflies and Ladybugs.


The exhibits also spotlight special features, including the individual sounds and movements that make these insects unique members of the animal kingdom.


MEGABUGS! Adventure Encounters opens at the start of the Wild Adventures 2018 Season on March 10.


MEGABUGS! Adventure Encounters is included with park admission or a 2018 Season Pass. For more information about MEGABUGS! Adventures Zone or 2018 Season Passes, visit WildAdventures.com.

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