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Wild Adventures Discussion Thread

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12 hours ago, sdcfan88 said:

With the exception of maybe Thunderhead Hershend and "traditional" wooden coasters don't seem to mesh well for some reason. First it was Ozark Wildcat at (now defunct) Celebration City and now this coaster getting scrapped. Its too bad.

Was there anything wrong with Ozark Wildcat?  I was always under the impression the issue was the park not the ride.

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Yeah the coaster was only 5 years old by the time the recession hit and the park shut down. HFEC apparently made no effort in keeping the coaster in operational status and simply left it to rot before it was totally demo'd in 2015. They could have 1.) Kept it open on a pay per ride setup as a Branson strip stand alone attraction. 2.) Relocated/modified it to fit into another one of their parks (likely SDC) as they did with several of the flat rides. 3.) Disassembled and sold it off to another park/chain.

Though on the latter I have heard rumors over the years that the trains were parted out and sent to Dollywood for Thunderhead.

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  • 4 months later...

Hear a Rumor going around that Cheetah might be getting the RMC treatment... whether by RMC or by GCI's new program... Have heard that the track has been taken off, but the supports have been left standing.

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  • 2 years later...

^Can confirm that didn't happen. Visited this past December after Christmas on our way down to Orlando to hit the SeaWorld parks. It is definitely on the way to becoming a budget family park. Got the 6 credits and left, the vekoma's weren't that bad honestly. I wouldn't be surprised if this place eventually gets rid of all it's big thrills and becomes a full on family/wildlife park in the near future. Silver lining is I did get to ride Vikings Voyage (now Hurricane) in Kissimmee and it was pretty fun. Bummed I was never able to do cheetah, but at least I got everything. Likely won't return.

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