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  1. Can't wait for the First Season under Six Flags is going to be like
  2. Suggestions/Ideas/Predictions under the Six Flags please note that these are Suggestions/predictions/ideas that might not actually happen New Wooden Coaster by Dinn Corporation in 1989 Looney Tunes Adventures- 1991 Coaster Sacrifice in Ride Exchange Program -end of 1992 Vekoma Boomerang-1994 Hopkins Splash Boat ride-1995 Vekoma SLC-1996 (Only If no Batman Coaster opened by then)
  3. I thought the Six Flags Transformation would happen in 2000 anyway will the Stand Up Coaster be built where Thunderbird was or somewhere else in the park also New Tagline: A member of the Six Flags Family if it retains the same name if not
  4. I'll see tommorow if it is Tierco,Funtime, or Taft Broadcasting going to purchase the park
  5. I hope it is sold to Tierco Group,Inc (later Premier Parks) who are at the time owners of Frontier City also If that Happens Corkscrew should be Rebranded as Cyclone if reopened in 1986
  6. That or the Park is possibly going to skip to the 90s with explaining what happened in the rest of the 80s Including Possible Things Like The Former Thunderbird's Area being redeveloped
  7. Or going by the Success of Alpine Rush they decide to bring in an Intamin 1st Gen Drop Tower like Demon Drop and a Looping Starship
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