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Roller Coaster Demolition Photos

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Hi all


I don't have still photos, but I do have a geeky-dweeby collection DVDs and videos showing parks coming down:


Euclid Beach Park

Riverview (Chicago)

Chippewa Lake Park

Mountain Park

Crystal Beach

Idora Park

Riverview (Iowa)

Palisades Park

Lincoln Park

Meyers Lake Park

Whalom Park

Rocky Point

Crescent Park

Savin Rock

Columbia Gardens

Norumbega Park

Bertrand Island Park

Willow Grove Park... and others.


Call me a softy, but it always brings a tear to my eye watching old amusement parks perish.



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Whilst I don't have any photos of the demolition (there are a few aftermath photos around) but when Wonderland Sydney was being demolished, they had to pull down the parks most significant coaster somehow.


The bush beast was essentially a mirrored clone of Grizzly at CGA, and when it came to demolish the thing, apparently they got 2 construction tractors (you know, the big CAT things) attached part of the old Chairlift cable between the two tractors and just plowed their way through the ride. Apparently though the ride didn't give up without a fight, and many of the first attempts snapped the cable.


There are a few aftermath photos around as I said, but they arent mine, but in the photos you can see the freyed cable, so whether it's a true story remains to be proven, but I'd say it's more than likely true.

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John Peck wrote as he sent in a couple of pictures that weren't his (mind you) of the deconstruction of Geuage Lake):


These make me SAD


Same here, buddy. It's hard to imagine when (all those years ago) I was riding those coasters and thinking they would still be there for many, many years after I've ridden them. Now it's today and there's nothing left there but old footers and memories of a ride that once was there. It could make a fellow real loud.


I better end this before I break out into tears.


* * * *


No signature on this post. It's way too sad.

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Ahhh, the worst ride I've ever been on being taken down to make way for the BEST ride I've ever been on. Excellent. Seriously, Viper was a God awful ride...


Ahhhh, I hear you there!


I agree with everything said!!!


The sign in front of the ride should've been there the whole time the ride was open

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Hi guys. I know this topic was rather old, but I was browsing through google earlier, and came across this. The coaster ruined in hurricane sandy. I found a few images of them demolishing it.


Here you go.



Oh, also... Hello there. I'm new.





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