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Roller Coaster Demolition Photos

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I actually just wanted to share a picture I took at Efteling last month for the people on the 2008 European TPR trip...We watched a large piece of machinery hack away at Pegasus. Fortunately a new woodie will open in its place next year.


And I was thinking, do you have cool demolition photos? It's a sucky thing (coaster destruction in general) but interesting to document.


What do you have in your collection?


And this is only other one I could find, Batman and Robin: The Chiller, from October 2007. This was replaced by The Dark Knight Coaster...nuff said.


Pegasus at Efteling, August 2009

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I am the proud owner of a one-inch section of Flashback track (just the running rail, not the entire spine, ties, etc.). It even still has some of the blue paint on it!


This was a prize from one of the TPR trivia games at a TPR party at Robb and Elissa's.



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Here's an entire section of a site showing off Windjammer's removal which I came across and followed during that summer of the demolition.






I recall Westcoaster had photo updates on the removal back then as well... which have long since been taken down from the site. Dan, do you still have the pictures?

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Ahhh, the worst ride I've ever been on being taken down to make way for the BEST ride I've ever been on. Excellent. Seriously, Viper was a God awful ride...


It's going to be sad to see BBW's pictures.


This is a great thread though. Very interesting.


I can't wait till Scorpion gets the ax.


I hope Scorpion would find a home at a different park rather then be scrapped entirely. But I'm biased because that was my first looping ride and I've always had a soft spot in my heart for it... I love any Schwarzkopf, though, brilliant guy with some amazing coasters.

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