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TPR's China/Japan 2009 Trip!


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Today was Happy Valley Shanghai and Jin Jiang Park!


This Happy Valley is brand spankin' new having just opened up a few weeks ago. Out of all the Happy Valley's this one hands down has the best coaster collection!


They have an Intamin Mega Lite, a B&M Dive Machine, and the highlight of the park, a Gravity Group / Martin & Vleminckx woodie.


Let me just get something out of the way right now...




Ok, now that's done, how about some photos?


(and don't forget, if you want to follow us live on the trip, add us on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/robbalvey)


I spy a B&M Dive Machine!!!


Happy Valley- right turn!


Just hosing down Happy Valley!


Can't wait to ride Souring Dragon!!!


Yay! Gravity Group / M&V woodie!!!


Fireball looks awesome!




A B&M Dive Machine that overlooks an Intamin Mega Lite. That is freaking sweet!


This one is very much like SheiKra, which is ok because it does that to you!


Dive Machine is awesome!


Time for some hot Mega Lite action!


I guess this one is named Lisa?!?


Lisa has some sexy curves!


Lisa does this to you!


Yup, there is going to be a lot of airtime here!


"I need a few cigarettes!"


And now time for the highlight of the park (and really the China trip!) -


"Wooden Coaster Fireball!" (We'll just call it Fireball...)


We got 30 minutes of ERT and were able to film all over the ride!


Just look at how awesome it is! You want to ride it, don't you? Well, if you can't get to China, here's the next best thing... POV VIDEO!!!



This coaster really has everything - consistent speed, great pacing, quick changes of direction, and LOTS of airtime! TONS OF IT!!!


And to top it off, the ride is VERY smooth!


First drop....yay!!!!


More drops....yaaaaaay!!!!


The Chinese hold on VERY tight!


No hands up at all!


Just beautiful!


Fireball was AWESOME! Tied with Ravine Flyer II as my favorite TGG woodie! M&V have outdone themselves!


YES!!! This park also has a clone of the most awesome "weird" dark ride!


Shoot all those evil bastards at the north pole!


KidTums is just helping keep the dinosaurs extinct!


Time for another random Chinese park, Jin Jiang! Maybe we should get the joint ticket?


Any park that welcomes you with a severed head is ok with me.


Well helllooooo hot naked zombie girl!


Chinese knock-off Eiffel Tower!


When Chinese elephants make love they produce blue spermy guys.


Ninja Jew!!


All the goldfish you can catch! They give you a net and you have one minute.


See! We are totally serious!


"So this is what it feels like to have a big gun between my legs..."


They had a kick-A$$ shuttle loop here. Seriously this ride rocked!




(actual name of the ride!)


Chinese Best Buy!!!


More awesome Chinese food.


I would totally do #1 and #4.


Shanghai at night.


HoJo's! Chinese Style!


Our swanky hotel in the distance.


Crazy Chinese shopping mall.


Porceilen Camel anyone?


Tomorrow we get to ride a Vekoma SLC with an 'extra bit" on it!


(and don't forget, if you want to follow us live on the trip, add us on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/robbalvey)



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Fireball looks like one of the best woodies in existence. So much twisty, airtimey GG goodness. But, the only thing I'm worried about is that one of the trains is ruined now... Did anyone else catch (on the reverse POV) that Joey had one hand down for at least half the ride? Was he... masturbating...?



That park looks awesome. Did SheiKra East have the splashdown and floorless trains? I couldn't tell.

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