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TPR's China/Japan 2009 Trip!


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More Japan Credit Whoring!!!


Miles had a *wee bit* too much to drink last night!


We have found a vending machine selling "Muffin in a can!"


Hey look! This muffin in a can is made out of REAL space shuttle!


Check us out girls! We have "muffin in a can!"


Steve says "see this man sitting next to me? He and Jesus used to party it up in the biblical days!".


Oh no! Joey!!! Look out for that T-Rex!


Follow this sign. Walk about a mile. And you'll find a roller coaster!


Wow! The coaster looks great!


And they had a bonus dark ride!


Just in case you forgot the name of the park!


This Jet Coaster was much bigger than we were expecting.


Step on the bug!!! STEP ON THE BIG BUG!!!! ...before he gets to the children...


The next stop was not only a coaster credit but also a culture credit! We were smack in the "center of Japan!"


The park mascot was also in the center of japan.


You all ready to ride the Roller Skater in the center of Japan?


TPR totally takes over the Roller Skater in the center of Japan!


There is a giant ferris wheel in the Center of Japan!


The park was cute!


They had plenty of those ride on pigs and pandas.


Ooh! Scary walk thru dark ride!


I'm not sure what this is, but it makes me nervous!


KidTums plays with balls.


Time for a pit stop at JAPANESE MCDONALDS!!!


Dan will be sad to find out that the "rabbit burger" is now the "dork burger!". Same sandwich, Same promotion, different mascot. Out with the rabbit, in with the dork!


The next park is so far out in the boonies that we have to take the ghetto train!


Galaxy Express 999 fans may like this!


Yay! We made it to the middle of nowhere!


It's a little ghetto but we've seen a lot worse.


This ghetto coaster turned out to be GREAT!


For a smaller sized coaster this had a lot of speed and a great pop of airtime at the end!


Hold on TIGHT KidTums!!!


Even Jeff Johnson loved the coaster!


Hey look! A ride that is perfect size for both Joey and Kristen!


Time to get back on the train!


The Galaxy Express train has seen better days.


We totally got the Pokemon bullet train!


Shinjuku station is a little crazy, but you can find our favorite Indian restaurant near here.


"Hey Dan...we had 24 Chicken Tikka's, 18 garlic naan, and 11 Chicken Malsala. All level 10 "Indian Spicy!".




Good to see the "Fishing Restaurant" is still alive and kicking!


"Ooh Tastey Fish!"


Party in the elevator!!!


Still one of my favorite JR Rail signs!


Remember! For live updates, add us as a friend on FaceBook:


(We have just posted more photos from Tokyo Disney!)

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I figured I'd just throw it out there. I moderately enjoy Kamen Rider.


I really need to get out to Japan one of these days.

Seconded. Kamen Rider is like PR...except GOOD. The latest one (That pink and black watermellon-looking dude) wasnt that good, but they just started a new series that looks pretty promising.


Aaaaaaaaaaanyways, awesome TR is awesome. Keep those updates coming, and have fun in Japan!

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Curious I am sure you mentioned it before but... When you go on these trips do you know the Languages and how to read the signs or do you study up before hand or have someone with your group that does?

When we go to China we hire a guide but in Japan, Elissa and I know enough Japanese and understand how to get around the country that we are able to do it on our own.



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I'm loving all the Jeff Johnson pictures. Seriously, I don't think I laughed as hard in a long time as I did on the picture of KT playing with her JJ toy.


And that first Jet Coaster of the most recent update (the yellow and blue one, I think) actually looks decent compared to the bland-looking other Jet Coasters I've seen.

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We start our morning off with a "mini escalator credit!" This one can be found in Tokyo station.


I'm gonna put this in my mouth!


Another bullet train...another nap!


We have made it to our next credit whore park... Suntopia World!


This is the FIRST THING you see upon entering this park! Hmm...seems to be missing something...




I gotta be honest, so far we've just seen statues of chicks! I'm loving this park!!!


This could be the best coaster of the trip! It's Jeff Johnson The Ride!


That sign says "Hey Jeff, how's your family doing? Been a long time...a REEEAL long time, but it's great to see you again!"


You actually get to ride in a real Jeff Johnson!


You all excited about riding Jeff Johnson The Ride?


Wow Jeff Johnson The Ride is showing it's age!


Bling Bling Jeff Johnson!


The other coaster was powered. I don't count it as a credit, but what the hell...I'll ride it!




I'm not sure what the hell this is but anything with penguins and darth vader HAS to be awesome!


Safari Jeep! This could be cool.


"This year, each camper will stalk and kill his own bear in our private wildlife preserve."


Some sort of walk through haunted house.


Anyone want to jump in the goldfish infested pool?


Seems like almost every Japanese small park has one of these "looper" rides.


Taiko No Tatsujin RULES!!!


There is something very "Laughlin" about this photo.


Park map!


The looping coaster had a Japanese cloaking device. It was gone the whole day!


Yay! More capsule machines!


The highlight of the park was that you can BUY these giant A$$ bugs and bring then home with you!


I'm not sure what this is, but it makes me nervous!


This awesome game was like a "claw game" but here there is scissors abs string and you had to try carefully to cut the string!


"Yeah, like that will ever happen!"


Back on the bullet train...next stop...Tokyo Disneyland!!!


Remember! For live updates, add us as a friend on FaceBook:


(We have just posted more photos from Tokyo Disney!)

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I'm not sure what this is, but it makes me nervous!


Its a rhinocerous beetle, although I couldnt tell you what subspecies it is. They are supposed to be the strongest creatures alive, as they lift about 10x more (if I'm right) than their own body weight. In human comparisions, theoretically if I weighed 150lbs and had the strength of a rhinocerous beetle, I could easily lift 1,500 lbs.


Used to watch the Discovery Channel/Animal Planet a lot. Kinda sad, but it has its advantages.


Anyway, the trip looks great! Cant wait to see Tokyo Disneyland!

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Epic, EPIC TR I know I shouldn't ask this, because it's well..you know, but..now that you've ridden Jeff, what was it like?


Oh yeah...I was thinking about that anime schoolgirl statuette a few parks back, and I think it's a character from Tokimeki Memorial. Not sure tho..


Good times Looking forward to the Mouse TR.



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We have arrived at TOKYO DISNEYLAND!!!


Let me introduce you to our "home" for the next three nights..


That's right! It's the brand new "Tokyo Disneyland Hotel!" We are doing TDL in STYLE!!!


Let's go check out the best "Disneyland" in the world!


Upon entering the park, KidTums instantly gets converted into a princess! Tokyo Disneyland always has characters in the main entrance area. No having to go to Toon Town, no having to wait for anyone, *right* when you enter the park, they are there.


That's right bitches! We are back at Tokyo Disneyland!


New hotness.


Old and busted.


Kick A$$ waffles!


Now THAT is a lot of waffle machines!




Mickey Monorail.


Can you find the hidden Mickey in this picture? It sure will be difficult to find!


Yay! We made it to Universal Studios! Oh, wait...


The second best theme park in the world! (Sorry, I'm still an Epcot fanboy!)


"I will take the cart, please."


"Hey Dan, is this the volcano you were talking about?"


Fire, Fire Everywhere, we're gotta get burned!


No matter what anyone says, Aquatopia at night ROCKS!!!


Pin Collectors rejoice! Tokyo Disney has a crap load of pins now.




*MUCH* better than D23!


Winnie the Cube.


Yes, yes, we know! We are here.


Our swanky posh home at night!


This must be where they are hiding all those CDs.


I'm not sure what this is, but it makes me nervous!


Nectar of the gods!


There it is! Do you see it? DO YOU? DO YOU SEE IT?!?!?


Miles says he had only one. Do you believe him? I sure don't!


This ride is the dogs bollocks!


Just awesome...


Yup, I pretty much feel the same way about this park!


There's "Good Tower", "Bad Tower", "French Tower", and "Shiriki Tower." Do you know which is which?


KidTums' very first "MySpace Photo!!!


Remember! For live updates, add us as a friend on FaceBook:


(We have just posted a VIDEO from Tokyo Disney!)



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