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TPR's China/Japan 2009 Trip!


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Yay! Moving walkways! Magic Mountain could totally use one of these.

Magic Mountain could also (re)use one of those fancy old drop towers in the background (at least I believe that's what it is). Great trip report as usual, it was great seeing places that fly under the radar. Did you guys get to ride that first gen drop tower?

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Damn, why don't they make all Ultra Twisters the same

The are 7 UT's in RCDB and only one of them has the Dive Loop.

I did the UT in Nagashima Spa Land. It was one of the weirdest coasters i've ever done...


Now i will have to go back to Japan to get the extra wacky credit.

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You should consider going to Taiwan. It has a few worthy roller coasters. Taiwan sports a B&M Dive machine (Oblivion clone) and a custom floorless coaster, not to mention a custom Vekoma invert and an LIM "Impulse" invert--one of the best themed ones in the world. Taiwan also boasts the world's only "tilt coaster", the fantasy track that we all slobber about in RCT3.


Most theme parks are small holding only one to two coasters, and are scattered throughout the island, but with the new high speed railway, it is actually possible to visit all of them in one or two days.


However, I still know that China has the bigger wallet and the bigger population... Poor me.

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Ok, confused time......




How does the car switch back so it is facing the right way for the station?


There is very little information on this version of the Ultra Twister available on the internet, and the one video I managed to find on YouTube doesn't show what happens after the breaks.


Hopefully someone can answer this!

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