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TPR's China/Japan 2009 Trip!


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Theme Park Review's 2009 China/Japan Trip!


Day Zero - Arrival and Sightseeing in Shanghai, China

Day One - Arrival into Chengdu & Floraland featuring a Russian Ice Slide!

Day Two - Happy Valley Chengdu & an Intamin Mega-Lite POV Video

Day Three - GIANT ASS PANDA DAY!!! (This update should NOT be missed!)

Day Four - Happy Valley Shanghai, Fireball POV Video, & Jin Jiang park

Day Five - Suzhou Amusement Land, Harborland, Hangzhou Amusement Land

Day Six - Century Park, Pearl Tower, People's Park

Day Seven - Japan Arrival, Lina World, Sendai Highland, and Beneyland

Day Eight - Koriyama Dreamland, Utsunomiya Zoo, Tochinoki Family Land

Day Nine - Kezoji Amusement Park, Shibukawa Skyland, Gunma Safari Park

Day Ten - Suntopia World

Day Eleven - Tokyo Disney - Part 1

Day Twelve - Kamine Park & Pleasure Garden

Day Thirteen - Tokyo Disney - Part 2 & Monsters Inc Video

Day Fourteen - Tokyo Disney - Part 3

Day Fifteen - Northern Japan Arrival, Teine Olympia, Maruyama Kidland, Hokkaido Greenland

Day Sixteen - Rusutsu Resort




Hey everyone!


We are back in China again! I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update this thread as our schedule is fairly aggresive, but I will be posting photos live to FaceBook!


If you are not a "friend" of TPR you can add us and get live updates! Click here:



Here's a few photos from today:

Inside those giant bags are the trip participants of TPR's 2009 China trip!


Our carriage approaches to take us into the boundless realm of the supernatural.


KidTums and Joey try escape the horribleness that is LAX by playing in thier phones.


The Alvey chicks get to board first because they are special...like the olympics.


Ready for blastenhof?


Yay! We get to ride a new GCI woodie on this flight!


Yay! We are in Korea! ...for about three hours.


*slightly* nicer than LAX! . Seriousy though ICN is one of my favorite airports in the world! It has the "etiquette bell!"


There is even a play area for Kristen!


They have a lot of 747's here!


More pics of ICN. Here's one of the main walkways.


Anyone know where that "T" is from?


Some random lounge.


Food court opens up here in a few minutes.


More of the mall type areas.


And if you don't have a plug adapter...they will give you one!


The Korean Etiquette Bell! It's located in the womens toilet stalls and you press it when you're squeezing out a gnarly, noisy dump and you may need some sound to cover it up!


Hooray! Roller Coaster related movies on this flight!!!


Part of the Shanghai skyline.


The worlds largest bottle opener. Now we just need the worlds largest beer!


The Chinese spell beer a bit funny!


That tower has a lot if balls!


Mr. Fish joined us for lunch!


Balls........of ICE CREAM!


OMG! Run for your lives!!!!


Chinese culture or homeless people? You decide!


I'm told this statue represents pregnant women and and coming to the temple to make her offerings helps relax the vagina during child birth. I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!!


"Get these damn Americans out of my temple!!!"


If you burn sticks you'll have treasures in the afterlife. No, I'm totally serious!!!


This is the oldest know living creature in China. He told us stories about partying it up with the Mongols, building the great wall, etc.


Elissa has already found her first Shanghai McDonalds!


Our last stop in Shanghai was our hotel by way of the worlds only operating MagLev train!


Oooh...this is a tough choice! MagLev train or McDonalds?


Great! Now we're letting THIS GUY make decisions around here???


TPR on the MagLev! (Try not to look so excited Joey)


"Hello, I am Mr. MagLev. If I were a woman Jeff Johnson would be making sweet sweet love to me. Oh, who are we kidding, he's going to do that anyway. If you thought what that woman did to 1001 Naghts was disgusting, wait until you see what Jeff does on the train!"


In about 20 seconds we were already going pretty fast.


You can't tell by this picture, but things are going by REALLY FAST!!!!


Ok, this is impressive. That translates into about 270 MPH!!!


When the other train passes at 270 miles per hour, it's like an explosion goes off inside the train!!!


"I'm getting married to her next week!"


YES!!! We get off the MagLev train and the first thing we see is Chinese KFC! Kick ASS!


How many TPR members can we fit into the elevator?


This brings our sightseeing day to an end. You guys ready for the real trip to start tomorrow? YOU BETCHA!!!


More to come soon...add us on FaceBook for some live updates!



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I was on that train this summer, and it was an incredible experience. Not even how long until we experience it on a coaster, what's the hold up on having transportation like that in the States? Should connect NYC to Philly, DC, Cincy, Indy, Chicago, Minneapolis via maglev. Imagine planes becoming obsolete!

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Today we arrived in Chengdu! This place is the capital of schezwan cooking and panda bears! We will get to all that stuff later, but first a park with a "Jeff Johnson Credit!"


Baked beans and boiled eggs! Breakfast of champions!


Yay for breakfast dim sum!!! Seriously though the breakfast was amazing! Huge buffet filled with everything you'd want.


When they said "everyone pile into the airport shuttle bus" they weren't kidding!


Jetsetting across China on our way to Chengdu!


Floraland! First park of the trip!


So THAT is where they keep the fortune cookies!


This is the most action George is going to get the whole trip!


Hey look! An Intamin rocket coaster! Oh wait...




The Tagada takeover nearly killed at least four people!


Objective- sit in a circle. Spin. Ride op bounces the ride until everyone flops into a pile of human in the middle.


The more you try to hang on, the worse it kills you!


This is NOT an image the world needed to see!!!


Just let go and the ride will take you to Tagada heaven...


Mystery meat on sticks. Awesome!


Oooh...me so corny!


They had some KidTums sized rides! (Note she's in the honeymoon car???)


Inside this building is roller coaster history!


Everything is made of ice and glows like Christmas!


In order to go inside you need to wear as "DJ Lance Approved" winter coat!


That's right! They have an old school Russian ice slide in here! Just like the ones Jeff Johnson used to ride when he was a young adult!


"It rolls, it coasts, it's made of out ice...it's a credit!!!"


Damn right it's a credit! Just like the ones I rode in my yout...err...young adul...err...early elder years!


Since Chengdu is the capital of schezwan cooking we had spicy food that hurts just as good going in as it does going out!


Apparently Chendu is also the capital of genital warts!!!


Dan is on fire...no really!


Living proof that Joey might actually be a man! (and Jeff Johnson might be Chinese!)


Next stop...Intamin Mega-Lite!!!


Don't forget, you can get up-to-the-moment China 2009 trip udpates via FaceBook:




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