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TPR's China/Japan 2009 Trip!


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Today began a series of "credit whore" parks that we visited around China. There seems to be a lot of parks, some big, some small, some nice, some REALLY ghetto, all over the country that seem to have one or two credits each and a bunch of other random rides.


Not much else to say, so onto the photos!


(and don't forget, if you want to follow us live on the trip, add us on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/robbalvey)


Check out my swanky hotel breakfast!


The Chinese don't quite understand the concept of "merge".


"Did we hit? I think we hit!"


Would anyone like a tree?


Yay! Another Chinese ghetto park!


No effiing way I'm doing the hanglider zipline thing of death.


Oh no! Please do not let this be another Chinese knock off SLC!!!


I have never been so happy to see the word "Vekoma" in my life!


This area of the park has seen better days!


One Jew is heavier than two Alvey chicks.


This area of the park looks nicer.


Enter through here and you are teleported to Europa Park!


Best 4D movie name EVER!!!


"Hey Dan. Is this an acceptable amount of wetness?"


Chinese knock off Small World!


Looks more like "Bride of Chucky" than Small World!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in Small World!!!


Elissa grabs balls


Mickey Mouse Club?


Next stop...HarborLand.


Home to an Intamin 8 looper!


Intamin loopyness!


Chinese knock off skee ball!


Insert coin, bowls come out!


A bit like Colossus minus two inversions.


Decent looking park though.


Please no more photos!!! Leave me alone!


Joey found Revenge of the Mummy!!!


Too bad it's just a Top Spin.


Yay! Flight of the Phoenix credit!


Note the lack of any air gates or rows!


Our final credit whore park of the day!


Hmm...I feel like I have seen this somewhere before...


Oh, this is going to be a QUALITY ride!!!


Big A$$ pirate ship!


Oh yes, this ride looks safe!


Big Thunder Log Flume???


The "napping on the table" ride was actually a highlight attraction here.


There appears to be a desserted outlet mall here. This should be interesting.


The Devil Wears Chinese Knock Off Prada.


Oooh! A Disney store! This should be authentic!


Authentic Disney camo outfits!


Good quality "Disney Stuff" in here.


OMG! We have found *one* Disney item in the Disney Store.


Overall, it was a GREAT credit whoring day around China!


Next up, more random credits!


Iif you want to follow us live on the trip, add us on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/robbalvey

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Today was our last day in China...


The first Chinese Carl's Jr has just recently opened in Shanghai. For those of you who may not know, Carl's Jr is a California based fast food chain which also bought Hardees about 10 years ago. They have started to go international and this September marked their entance into China. Personally I prefer Carls to the other famous California based burger joint In-N-Out.


This is what a Chinese Carl's Jr looks like!


The menu looks pretty much the same! Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger please!


Oh I almost forgot Criss Cut Fries please!


And just like in California they bring your food to the table and they even have a drink refill station (something that is not common in China)


"Hi my name is Joey and I am number 75!"


My Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger tastes just how it's supposed to. Freaking awesome!!!


They tell the Chinese that swine flu comes from America!!!


Our last day in China brought us to some smaller parks in Shanghai. Let's start with Century Park!


No sewing??? No string on your finger??? WTF!!


Here we are wandering through the park...I really hope there is a roller coaster around Herr somewhere!


Ooh! We found tonight's luxury accomodations!


We found the coaster! And...oh joy....it's another golden horse spinning coaster!


Dirty Dirty whores!!!


Jeff, no matter how much Chinese Mountain Dew you drink, It's not going to make you any younger!


It's a good thing none of us psychopaths want to ride the bumper cars!


Next stop. Shanghai's Pearl Tower via the subway!


Smack the card against the blue disc and you're good to go!


We have now officialy taken planes, trains, and automobiles on this trip!


I am totally loving China's subway stations!


There it is! China's Pearl Tower! If you ask me I think it kind of looks like the worlds largest anal beads!


There is a small park and a coaster inside, but it's down for annual maintenance right now


Fortunately there was a shopping mall across the street.


Hot American blonde chick were pretty popular here


Tanks and military equipment were under "toys for learning"


I wonder if that is a real space shuttle?


The final stop was a little park right next to our hotel.


It was just a powered Dragon Wagon but we didn't care. We still rode anyway!


Our hotel was also near the Hershey Chocolate World! (too bad no dark ride!)


This area was like "litte America" with the Carls Jr...


Cold Stone Creamery...




...and Papa Johns!


We opted for some Mongolian BBQ for our last meal in china. (damn those mongols tasted great!)


OMG! Chinese IKEA!!!


Our visit to China comes to an end...and now...eleven more days in Japan!


Everyone is on their iPhone!




TPR takes over Japan for the next 11 days!!!


Remember! For live updates, add us as a friend on FaceBook:




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Love reading the captions! But preferring Carls over In N Out? Hm, interesting, haha.


Just wondering, are the burgers+fries more expensive over there or just the same or cheaper?


How about a 12" Subway sub? (In Belgium these things cost more than 8 USD!)

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I have never been so happy to see the word "Vekoma" in my life!

That gave me a great laugh this morning. Thank you!


Bummer the coaster in "Anal Bead Tower" was down for upkeep. Even so, lots of jems similar to "Mind your sreps...". Glad everyone is having a good time. Enjoying the pictures here.


So...Posiden...not so Furious are we? Hmm....

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Personally I prefer Carls to the other famous California based burger joint In-N-Out.




Granted, if I worked across the street (instead of across the continent) from In-N-Out instead of Hardees, I might feel different. But I doubt it. Hardees/Carls hasn't been the same since they switched to those godawful "Thickburgers." They still have the best fast food breakfast biscuits for my money, though!


Otherwise, great China TR. Mongols are the best!

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