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TPR's China/Japan 2009 Trip!


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Aargg I want to go so badly! I might have to save up to go on your next Japan tour.


I wonder why we can't make parks that beautiful?


BTW: How many flavors of popcorn do they have there and which ones are the best? I'm curious because I think you said in one of your past TR's that the strawberry popcorn was better than sex.

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Great report, as always. I need to get to these Disney parks someday.


RE: Miles. While I doubt our friend imbibed only *one* beverage. There are beer and wine glasses there, I suspect he may have only had one type of beverage. (miss you Miles)

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Dan will be sad to find out that the "rabbit burger" is now the "dork burger!". Same sandwich, Same promotion, different mascot. Out with the rabbit, in with the dork!

I don't care if it's themed to a rabbit, a donkey, or a toad as long as it's still there!! It'll always be the Rabbit Burger to me Still no Mega Mac sightings though, huh?


"Hey Dan...we had 24 Chicken Tikka's, 18 garlic naan, and 11 Chicken Malsala. All level 10 "Indian Spicy!". Taiko Happy

Here I was stoked about my In-N-Out until I just saw that...


"Hey Dan, is this the volcano you were talking about?" Taiko Wink

"Nope. Not our dino!"

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Our next day we did a little bit of credit whoring and MORE DISNEY!!!


"All I want is coffee. Which one do you think is normal coffee???"


Do NOT piss off this guy!


I can think of a few TPR members who should go here!


Holiday koala's! Awesome!!!


Angry food!!!


This is porn for Jeff Johnson.


Follow that arrow and you will either find an amusement park or flying pink hippos!


That elephant looks like he had one too many beers last night.


Yay we found a park and no flying hippos.


Constuction update of the new Intamin giga coaster going in here!!!


Aha! So THIS is the name of the park!


Yay! Jet Coaster!




Jeff Johnson does his Jesus impression. It's a pretty good impression...as it should be...since he used to hang out with the guy on a regular basis.




Everyone gets the powered credit...even KidTums!


This fun house has seen better days.


"Hey Kristen...get out and push!"


We finished this park in 20 minutes... Back to the taxis! Let's go!!!


Another train...


Another taxi...


Another park...


"Hey Dan, is this an acceptable amount of wetness?"


Ping pong machine...AWESOME!!!




We came in, got the credit, battled the giant A$$ pandas, and left. Next stop...BACK TO TOKYO DISNEYLAND.


Remember! For live updates, add us as a friend on FaceBook:




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Ok, let's take a break from the credit whoring for a little while and stick to Tokyo Disney Resort!


We are back at Tokyo Disney!


This looks oddly familiar.


Well at least it's better than Florida's Stitch...but not by much!


This and Black Pepper are my favorites! Don't make me have to choose!


Can't do this in California!


Vacation Ho!


Totally awesome!


The cosplay people are still everywhere!


Hell exists even in Japan!


Now it's time for the latest addition to Tokyo Disneyland - Monsters Inc.


That is actually the line to get FastPasses! Thankfully since we are staying at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel we got into the park early and didn't have to wait in it!


Ok time to ride!


See? We got our FastPasses nice and early!


FastPass to the right...steerage to the left!


The ride is simple...point your flashlight and stuff pops up!


A carriage approaches...


Sulley gives us the drill on what to do. (It's all in Japanese though!)


Randall looks like he's up to no good.


Shining my flashlight in Mike's face. He doesn't seem to mind.


Sulley and his flashlight. I'm sure if I spoke Japanese this ride may make more sense!


Roz all pissed off.


Random monster.


Randall trying to get Boo, or eat sushi, or something like that.


Shining my flashlight at the Chinese Food makes some new characters appear.


Dude pops out of the mailbox.


Randall totally got pwned!


Ahh, happy ending. (que happiness pie music)


Hey! One more little dude pops out!


The other ride vehicles.


Roz giving us attitude.


And this is the little guy you're supposed to find...we think!




In less then 15 minutes of the park opening, the line was already up to two hours!


The Fast Pass line gets so long that they actually need a cast member with a sign to tell people where the line ends.


Just one hour after park opening and FastPasses were nearly sold out!


That wraps up this Tokyo Disney installment. More Tokyo Disney will be posted soon and remember you can always check out more up to date updates on our FaceBook page:




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