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TPR's China/Japan 2009 Trip!


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Go here next. http://www.rcdb.com/5249.htm They have a looping and corking TOGO coaster!! http://www.rcdb.com/1890.htm?p=14716
^Be patient for new updates...


Yes, please. It's honestly quite annoying that you keep barking at us to "go here next!" "go there next!"


You know, it takes a *LOT* of time to do a photo update and even more to do a video update.


I will get to them all eventually.


Please just be patient.


Thank you.




ps. If you looked at our FaceBook page you might have seen some of these photos already!

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Today was our first day in Northern Japan! Sapporo!


"Before doing any credit whoring I need a chicken Shaka Shaka appetizer!"


"Hey Rich! How's it going?"


Our first credit whore stop in the Sapporo area...Teine Olympia!


Everyone pack into the trolley that goes to the rides section of the park!


Oooh! Another cute Jet Coaster!


Ok everyone, let's get whorish on this place!


Next up was this little mouse coaster.


Two thumbs up from Mr. Credit Whore!


Another credit for KidTums.


Bonus alpine slide!


More Trains!


That is where we need to go!


Jeff remembers Col. Sanders when he was just a baby!


Powered coaster credit!


Even KidTums got to ride!


The star attraction at Maruyama Kidland was the Togo looping AND corkscrew mouse! It was actually AWESOME!


I bet every video game geek wants to go here!


Why spend time playing with any other toy when all you need is blow-up giraffe on a leash!


Hello next train of the day!


Next up was Hokkaido Greenland, sister park of Mitsui Greenland in Southern Japan.


Giant A$$ Ferris Wheel!


I'm not sure what this is, but it's attacking KidTums!


The loop screw was pretty terrible. Seriously it was bad...like taking a dump in a squat toilet bad!


And don't we all look cute crammed into the kiddie coaster?


Ahh, good 'ol Zamperla Roto Shake. Don't see these very often! (Knott's fanboys get your sad face on!)


Peeing instructions: 1. Open Lid. 2. Let it fly!


KidTums ended up getting five credits today!


This coaster had a very odd "conveyor belt" lift hill. It was like they took left over pieces from the log flume next door to make this ride!


TPR Takeover of the mini cars!!!


"Your target enemy? Elissa!!!"


This mean train will take us to Yakitori!


Mmmm...yakitori is better than "normal" sex.




The ONLY way I'll eat asparagus...wrapped in freaking BACON!


Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah!!!!! Woah! Stop everything! Put down your drink. Look at the monitor. Fixate on it. Just LOOK! Do you see what I'm seeing? That is right...ELISSA IS EATING NORMAL FOOD!


The yakitori is amazing but we STRONGLY reccomend staying away from the pork rectum! (it's a bit tough)


"Beer and Yakitory makes me easily forget about women!"


KidTums gets the miso grilled rice ball!


This Yakitori place is awesome! Just as good as the one we ate at in Shibuya!


Next up...Rusutsu Resort and our last day in Japan....



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I've always wondered why TOGOs are sweet in Japan but awful elsewhere... To quote Uncyclopedia's TOGO entry, "In Japan, TOGO rides are as smooth as glass. In America, they are as smooth as broken glass."


And is that Loop Screw coaster an Arrow, Vekoma Death-Machine, or some Japanese-company knock-off? (Just curious)

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Next up was Hokkaido Greenland, sister park of Mitsui Greenland in Southern Japan.


Do the Japanese have some kind of love affair or something with catwalks on every inch of their coasters (at least the Togos)? In all of the pics I've seen of these types of coasters in Japan, I never understood why the catwalks are everywhere on their rides whereas for most coasters in Europe and America just have them on the lift hills, mid course brakes and brakes.

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^ From what I understand it's a requirement by their version of OSHA. In case the ride comes to a stop you need to be able to get to the train quickly and evacuate.


The only place where you don't see the catwalks is during an inversion or on an inverted coaster.


But I believe pretty much ALL coasters in Japan have the catwalks going all the way around. There are a few exceptions I've seen.



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Our final day in Japan...


The next morning we found ourselves standing in a line for a bus that will take us to Rusutsu Resort!


Better get comfy...this is a two hour bus ride! (Three in traffic on the way back)


I see a volcano in the distance!


I'm not sure what this is, but it makes me nervous!


Rusutsu had this amazing event going on that included Japanese cowboys and lots of MEAT!


Yummy charred animal flesh!


No, that is not a cemetery, those are rows and rows of Bar-be-Ques!!! That's right! You get some raw animal flesh and then you char it up yourself! Yum!


Ick...long lines. One train operations. Not as bad as Fuji-Q, though, it kind of reminded us of that park.


Yay! Moving walkways! Magic Mountain could totally use one of these.


The park setting is amazing looking. The coasters are just "ok" if not a bit "meh" (The shuttle loop and the Ultra Twister were awesome though) and the operations leave a bit to be desired. It took us just over 5 hours to get all 8 credits. Which isn't horrible, but it's not outstanding either.


This was the star attraction of the park!


"But it's just an Ultra Twister...right?"


WRONG! This is the Ultra Twister with a DIVE LOOP! Yes, this was totally insane!


Next up..the shoe coaster!


"Hey everyone...I'm riding in a shoe. Isn't that just wacky?"


The shuttle loop was the second best ride in the park.


It's identical to the one we rode a few days earlier at Sendai Highland, but still, it was very intense!


Next up was what we called the "box coaster." It loooked like you rode in a box!


The line for the Jet Coaster was long and the ride was lame!


Togo Stand up which actually hurt us in bizarre ways.


Train for the shuttle loop...yummy!


Ugh, and an SLC. Not one of the better ones either.


Hey Kids! A message from DARE! Don't buy beer out of the vending machine in Japan until you're 20!


Oh, yeah, and Jeff Johnson's family was in town as well.


That night, we made another stop for more Yakitori!


"...and more beer!"


"See everyone! I eat normal food too!"


"They put us in the area where Westerners are normally not allowed...they felt REALLY sorry for us!"


"This is the best farewell dinner ever!!!"


Next day we had to fly home.


And in the store they sold USB humping dogs!




Oh, look, Hello Kitty...in Japan??? I don't believe it!


And all the flavors of Kit Kats you could ever imagine.


Apparently you cannot bring sea turtles or armadillo's on the plane.


Hey! Now we know why that Tatsu station looks a bit like a McDonalds!


Boooooo to coming home.


Now that we're back at home and back to reality we'll start to put together even more updates and videos from this trip.


We are even considering a Roller Coasters in the RAW DVD that would feature "wacky coasters of Japan!" Basically all the Jet Coasters you could ever want (and probably some cool Japanese coasters too.)


Would anyone be interested in that? If so, we'll get right on it!


Anyway, hope you all enjoyed reading these updates!



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