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  1. My brother and I are planning on going to Great Adventure on Sunday (30 April) and was wondering if getting FlashPass is worth it. Any tips, advice? I was last there about 3-4 years ago. Also, with the weather slated to be in the low 60s for highs and winds around 10-15mph, will Ka and Zoomanjaro be open? Thanks.
  2. I will PM you my information. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Do you mean Thursday, 8 September? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I would love to, but I work from 6pm (on the 4th) to 6am (on the 5th).
  5. I am in the planning stages of my upcoming trip to Orlando at the end of October thru the second week of November and thought about hitting up Busch Gardens Tampa one day. My question is this. I am looking at one of the coaster backstage tours and was wondering if any one has done of these before? If so, what are your opinions on it? Thanks. -Bill
  6. You think waiting 1.5 hrs for Volcano is bad?! I waited for it during its initial year of operation and the wait was apprx 3 hrs! 1.5 hrs is nothing.
  7. Quick correction, the floats you see coming out in the TDS photo portion are not for BraviSeaMo. They are actually for The Legend Of Mythica, their daytime water show.
  8. Looks like you guys had a great time in China and welcome back to Japan!! What are your plans while you're here? I would like to meet up with you guys. -Bill ' CoasterBill04' Yetman
  9. Great trip so far guys!!! Can't wait for you all to invade Japan again in a few days. Speaking of which, Robb or Elissa, what is your tentative schedule so I can maybe meet up with you guys?
  10. Great photos as always. Been waiting for the TDR photos. As with Tower, I've been on all of the operational ones and this one ranks at #2, with MGMs being #1 and DCA at #3. The theming and effects are amazing but the drop sequence just doesn't cut it. Can't wait to see you guys again for the Tokyo 2008 trip.
  11. Great to hear you're well rested and such. It was great meeting everyone and such for the three days I met up with you guys at TDL. Can't wait to hear about the dates for Tokyo 2008, even though I live 2 hrs away from Tokyo.
  12. Well, I was kinda thinking of heading over to TDS, since I live here and such. Let me know if you want to meet somewhere.
  13. I'll see you guys on Thursday at Disneyland. From what I got from Robb, you'll be hitting the train station at apprx. 8:30am. I'll meet you guys there. Oh, I forgot, I too want to see 'giant hamster ball' pictures as well.
  14. The photos look great!! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves in Japan. For those of you who are on the trip, I can't wait to meet you all this coming Weds., no matter what the plans are.
  15. Glad to hear you guys made it. I'll be there @ Disney on the 13th. Let me know when and where to meet up with you guys and I'll be there.
  16. Looks like I'll be able to meet up with the gang on the 13th for sure. Just gotta' know when and where to meet up with them @ Disney. (Robb or Elissa, drop me a PM about when & where and I'll be there) I might also be able to meet up with them on the 12th, but that's a possibility right now.
  17. Let me clarify. Fussa is about a 2-hr train ride west of Tokyo.
  18. I've only been here in Japan since the last week of July and so far I've only made it to Tokyo Disney. I've been meaning to hit Tokyo Dome City (Home of Thunder Dolphin). But to answer your question to what parks are near me, I live in Fussa, about a 2-hr train ride into Tokyo Disney.
  19. I haven't seen much on this trip so I'd figure I ask this question. Does anyone know the tentative schedule of when Robb and the gang are going to be at various parks? I live in Japan and would like to see about meeting up with them. TIA
  20. Seems like you had a great time. I was there as well, and you're absolutely right about Cedar Fair taking there sweet time with getting rid of the Paramount stuff. However as I was waiting for them to open up the parking gates, one of the attendants I spoke to said that they have until the beginning of next season to 'de-Paramount' the place, to include the electronic billboard that can be seen from all over the park and I95. -Bill 'CoasterBill04' Yetman
  21. As of right now, I am looking at a 50/50 chance of going right now. If I do, it'll be on Sat (3/31). I'll know for sure by Thurs. evening.
  22. That's not a problem. I am looking forward to seeing what parks you'll be hitting.
  23. Robb & Elissa, I just found out that I wil be in Japan during the Japan trip (courtesy of the USAF) and I was wondering if I can meet up with the group for a day or two. I know that I won't get any of the perks, but that's cool. Also, could you add me to the Japan forum so I can keep up to date on things. Thanks.
  24. Hey Derek, it seems like you're having a good time so far. In fact, I live about 45-60 mins away from Frankfurt, down in Kaiserslautern. Maybe if you want to meet up, email me. Then, we can hit a theme park or two. Other than that, have a great time. -Bill 'CoasterBill04' Yetman
  25. So much hostility in the air!! Just joking!! I appreciate all the info in regards to DF. I've should have known that they torn it down. Too bad though. I would have liked to say that I did it. Even though it sounds like it was a painful ride. And to let everyone know, I've been reading TPR for 3+ years, but only post once in a while. I'll try and post more. Look for a photo TR (or just plain TR) sometime next week. And since I'm stationed in Germany for the USAF!!!, I'll do some posting about the parks there as well. -Bill 'CoasterBill04' Yetman
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