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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (BGW BGE) Discussion Thread

P. 468: Loch Ness Monster Media Day Report

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I'd missed the whole announcement about a VR ride there. A new motion sim set to Irish mythology? If this is any sort of spiritual sequel to Corkscrew Hill, and if it's halfway decent at all, I'm more excited about this than any new coaster for 2018! Please be good please be good PLEASEBEGOOD

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It's. A. Star. Flyer.


If it's a coaster I'll be ecstatic but I just can't see Busch getting a giga or something like Red Force.


However I wouldn't rule out a coaster all together. I'm assuming there will be more than one attraction in Spain (if we get it). I honestly think it's more fun to speculate about a coaster that's UNDER the height waiver. That gives us more options to get excited (and probably disappointed) about.

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Throwing a curveball into the pot and saying it's an observation deck/ride


...even though that's essentially Mach Tower when it's actually operating


Put a Sky Jump in the new area, and replace Mach Tower with a proper observation tower.

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I feel bad for those who are hyping themselves up for a giga coaster. SeaWorld does not have the privilege of dropping $25-30 million on a ride currently.


Personally I think it will be a skyscreamer-type ride or maybe a Falcon's Fury-type drop tower (if they don't want Mach Tower anymore).

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Hey guys, I have a quick question here.


I was kind of planning to visit Busch Gardens at the end of the season, and I was kind of interested in seeing their shows like Britmania and Celtic Fyre. The website only list show times two weeks in advance. Does anyone here know whether their daily shows generally run into September and October, or do they only run during the summer high season?

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Darn. That makes a lot of sense.


I heard that their shows are pretty good. I'll probably hold off until next year, then.


Celtic Fyre, yes.


Britmania?. . .well. . . it was like listening to a bar cover band. . the musicianship is good, the staging is ok, but really not all that interesting.


just our take on it.


(we enjoyed the show performed in the Festhaus, tho it is very much a "theme park show". . but you can drink beer while watching

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I'd love for there to be any tall observation ride that allows photography.


That would be awesome.


Im curious what they would theme a ride like that Spain too.


Tarragona, Human Tower Building

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I went to the park yesterday and had a fantastic day at the park but I had an interesting experience on the way home.


DISCLAIMER: I am not the type to spin rumors and I almost hate to even mention it, but this did happen and I don't even know what to think. Take with a large grain of salt.


On the tram while leaving the park last night, the "guide" said to make plans now to come back in 2020 when they would be building a rollercoaster about twice the size of Apollo made by the same people.


I don't know if the tram man has more or less credibility than the dippin dots guy, but it was still worth a mention. The guy was kinda funny and joking around, as many of the tram guides tend to do, but he said this seriously.


Either way, coaster or not, I don't know that it was entirely appropriate to discuss it the way he did.

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