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What is your favorite band?

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A Day To Remember Rules All. It is as simple as that.




ADTR is at the top of my list and constantly switching with August Burns Red and Parkway Drive. Currently though my favorite band is Muse, with Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Mastodon following closely behind.

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Arcade Fire



Fixed. But yeah, good selection


To add to this list:



TV On The Radio

The Republic Tigers

The Decemberists


Bon Iver

Foster The People

Fleet Foxes


and way too many more... I guess I don't have a favorite, I just like music. Though, of all I have listed, I can listen to every one of their albums in its entirety. If I can't listen to an album without skipping a song, I won't listen to the album... I guess I'm a bit OCD about it.


Lady gaga makes my ears bleed though.

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I'll have to say Thousand Foot Krutch because I'll probably always love them and they just get better and better. Trevor McNevan=


But other bands that I really love that are up at the top:



Family Force 5



Oh, Sleeper

Circle Takes the Square

Eisbrecher (though not so much anymore)


Although, if you ask me what my all-time favorite album is, I'd say Anorexia and Nervosa by Showbread. They were dual-released albums with a read-along story pamphlet. Truly epic. I'm not sure if the band will ever reach the superiority they reached with those albums.

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^^I totally agree! Honestly, even "Hotel California" has meaning to me and is one of my all-time favorite songs. It doesn't matter to me that it's overplayed and cliched, and I don't care which, if any, of the numerous interpretations of the song are correct. All that matters is what it means to me.

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I'll have to say Thousand Foot Krutch because I'll probably always love them and they just get better and better.



I didn't think anyone else on this site had even heard of TFK. They are one of my favorite Christian bands. If you like them you might also want to try out bands like Skillet, Pillar, and Disciple. All great Christian bands.

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Some of my favs...

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Linkin Park

Nine Inch Nails

Kid Rock


Queens of the Stone Age

The Offspring


Limp Bizkit

Pearl Jam

Bob Marley



The White Stripes

Foo Fighters


The Bloodhound Gang

No Doubt

David Bowie

Beastie Boys

Depeche Mode





Green Day



Some of my more recent favs:

The Black Keys

Cage the Elephant

The Dirty Heads

Broken Bells


Arcade Fire

Five Finger Death Punch





-Andrew "If you can tell, my favorites lean heavily towards alternative and rock" Rector

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Huge music nut so I'll list some favorites by genre:




-Foo Fighters

-Danko Jones




Hard Rock / Metal





-Five Finger Death punch


Death Metal

-Amon Amarth

-In Flames

-Dark Tranquility

-White Chapel

-All Shall Perish


Other (Smooth Jazz, solo artists, electronica etc)

Victor Wooten

Laurence Juber

Nathan Hughes (AMAZING solo bass guitar player, youtube his song "Glove")

Daft Punk



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All-time favorite band is The Fixx.

Though part of the new wave era, lumping them there doesn't do them any justice. When I think of new wave, I think (not terribly highly) of Flock of Seagulls, Human League, Howard Jones, ABC, etc; bands that generally sound synth heavy. The Fixx evolved to have a much more rock sound (Jamie West-Oram is the most under-rated guitarist currently around); live, even more so.


A very close second is The Psychedelic Furs. Runner ups include, but not limited to: Rolling Stones, Green Day, Arcade Fire, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Avenge Sevenfold...

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