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Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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^ Lol I know right?! Just think of what else RMC could have done for Goliath! It could have been the best RMC to date had a longer layout been selected! Se la vie.


Not much more. Goliath had to go in Iron Wolf's old spot; that means, trying to shove a record breaking wooden coaster into a land plot of about an acre and a quarter. Maybe they could have stuffed in a helix, inclined loop, or non-inverting loop (a la Shock) right at the end before the brakes, and that's a BIG maybe, but other than that, they used every bit of space that they could for that ride.

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twisted How in the he double hockey sticks does RMC keep doing it??? Like other designers/manufacturers have to be looking at these Rmc's builds with the same expressions as my first two smiley's and there is no green one for jealousy/envy lol


Is it just me or is the renderings and concept artwork being made not doing RMC coasters total justice. Yeah the concept art renderings do what they are so supposed of course build excitement sell itself. Yet once RMC starts construction you start to realize the concept art looks nothing close to the insanity of the real life product these guys are building lol didn't it use to be the other way around??? Anyways these guys are just amazing period!!!


I may have to change my banner to "I LOVE RMC"!!! the stuff they're producing just looks amazing and the one I've been on TC I'm in

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Those pictures really are stunning! KK has got an awesome collection of Coasters on their hand now! I cant wait to see what else they have planned for the next several years. It is still so hard to believe that just a few years ago this was an abandoned park that didn't seem to have a promising future. Look at it now!

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