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  1. Mack showing off their new spinning hardware on Bluefire. https://youtu.be/SBnlt0Nxr-Q
  2. Did anyone else notice the banking on this RMC Streak's hill??
  3. Accident location is coming from twitter reports... Nothing in confirmed yet.
  4. Accident happened on Verr├╝ckt slide this afternoon. Statement will be out at 4:30 pm central time. www.kansascity.com/news/local/article94254507.html
  5. Because I'm positive a majority of coaster enthusiasts care more about Voyage than Thunderbird on any given day. I am anxious to hear more reviews from those who rode Thunderbird, though.
  6. I apologize, my comment about the voyages mid course break run was not intended to steal Thunderbird's thunder
  7. Slow motion Thunderbird launch video. trim.965FAC40-9C52-4766-83A3-ECDAE69613EE.MOV
  8. I will say out of x-flight, wild eagle, and thunderbird, Tb has the strongest forces. I think people will feel the same way as they did after riding Banshee, when comparing it to older B&M inverts.
  9. Yes, it did come to a complete stop. The ending is still fun and fast but the air from the triple down is nonexistent. They have done a great job in the off season with track work and the voyage is running great.
  10. The Voyage will have its mid course brake set to stop this season. I was surprised by it on my first ride this morning. One of the coaster maintanence guys was standing at the control panel when we got back. He confirmed that it will be on all season, except for Holiwood Nights. I asked him how easy it was to change it back to just a trim and he went to the control panel and switched it back to the old program! This is one of the reasons I love this park so much!
  11. This just in, Six Flags will remove every tree within a mile of every roller coaster in the company. On a serious note, I am glad no one was seriously injured.
  12. I asked Fred 2 questions while we shared a ride. 1. Is RMC working on incorporating other "steel coaster" inspired inversions and 2. Will we see a launch coaster in the future. Both question were answered with "Those concepts are currently on the drawing board."
  13. Just a word of advice for the Metra train. Buy a round trip in Chicago before you leave unless you have cash. The ticket window in Waukegan closes around noon, and Metra think it's still 1989 so only cash fares are accepted on the train. The ticket window in Chicago will accept any credit cards, though. Thanks for the heads up Dan. Looks like I will be hanging out at the Avalon from 11:30-3:30 am. The email I received from sixflags said that the gates open at 4 for media day invites.
  14. Anyone else planning on getting to the media day event via mass transit? I will be leaving St. Louis at 3pm, arriving in Chicago (union station) at 8:40. From there I will take the UP-N train north to the Waukegan station arriving around 10:50 pm. From there I will take a 15 min taxi to the park. With the park closing at 10, does anyone know a good place within walking distance of the park to hangout in till the event at 3:30? I would like to avoid sitting in the six flags parking lot.
  15. There is land being cleared in the forest around the Voyage including an area that looks like it could crossover Voyages's track.
  16. There is talk of more information coming after ERT and dinner.
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