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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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The airtime hill is 60 feet tall. It is 105 feet shorter than the top of the lift. If the ride was completely above ground, it would be a 75 foot tall hill coming off a 180 foot drop. So it is by no means small but it is still so significantly shorter than the first drop that it will lose zero speed. I expect it to still hit like that first hop in New Texas Giant right after the first drop, or the one right before the mid-course break run.


Look at the air rob gets at :59 and 1:17


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Did the train tracks have to be moved a bit so Goliath could fit?


I Don't think so. When I was at the construction site about a month ago, we had to cross the tracks and they were about 30 feet from the structure so they weren't moved.

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American Eagle looks STUNNING. I took it for granted while I grew up in Gurnee and frequented the park often. But I've never met a classic white woodie that is comperable at any other park. Well, except Colossus at MM. While KI has the Beast, their white racer has nothing on eagle. Rolling thunder is gone from Gadv. You get the point. Its an incredibly huge structure, and a fun ride. Lots of airtime on the drop and first few bunny hills. I should have ridden it more growing up but I was too distracted by the rough ride at the time to appreciate the layout I suppose.


As for Goliath, I think we have just one more piece of track to go in that final turn. The right rail has been installed all the way around and connected to the final drop in the twist and shout.



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Lookin good. Interesting that the track is that color. Gives it the look of an ibox track. I personally would've just preferred the normal brown track, but hey, its something different! And different can be good! Maybe it'll grow on me.

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