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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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^Someone posted awhile back it is 125 ft., with the twist and shout (the lower overbank) at about 60 ft., but I am not sure. That looks about right.


Yeah, the two top parts of the twist and shout are about 70 feet. The overbank turn is about 125 feet according to the height board they presented at the Gurnee meeting before the ride was announced.

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Another bent making its way up. Won't add any height but will make the structure more dense from the webcam's perspective as they place bents around the curvature of the overbank. That airtime hill is going to hurrrrt (so good). Coming off a 125 foot hill and hitting a 60 foot hill.. Can't wait.


This ride not only meets the needs and desires of the coaster industry right now, being an RMC and a record breaker, but it also, in its small footprint, fills several voids in Great America's roster of coasters and elements. Overbank turns... pretty much nonexistent at great America. Raging bull was built at a time in which full circuit coasters never dropped steeper than 65 degrees or banked more than 50/60ish (sitdown coasters). while we have unique ejector air on the first drop of bull (Raging Bull and El Toro have the best first drops in the business. Better than New Texas Giant's), and plenty of air on Viper and eagle, we really don't have THIS level of negatives in the park just yet. A dive loop: we finally have an immelmann on X-flight, but since we got a first-generation B&M standup and no floorless in the late nineties/early 2000s, our park has never had a proper dive loop. Then there's the zero g stall, which NOBODY has, and finally, a proper 85 degree first drop off the lifthill, with now 5 foot drop like bull. Crazy to think about but an uninterrupted first drop is rare in our B&M dominated park. Yes I know, we have Viper and Eagle, but this feels different. Its a more high-tech gadget and those conform to more traditional designs with traditional trains.


I'll try to get over there either today or tomorrow to take some pictures from off property



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I love how the webcam shots started out as almost a Where's Waldo of coaster spotting, but now it's quickly becoming a visual feast of bents and track. I'm glad I've finally gotten into following coaster construction updates.

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8 weeks from today until Six Flags Great America opens and 11 weeks until Goliath opens!


They better be hauling ass for it to be open in 11 weeks!! We shall see. Going to be awesome to see the finished product!

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