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  1. With even more Justice League: Battle for Metropolis rides being added next season I feel like this is a good topic. I was wondering if anybody has any tips or tricks to maximize their score on Justice League Battle for Metropolis? Also, if they know of any of the hidden/secret objects to shoot at? Thank you.
  2. I honestly don't see them removing Pictorium. They use it during Fright Fest and if they actually have something to show that he GP would enjoy that is shown using a decent projector, then things would be different. The park is lacking theaters as it is, and I don't think they can afford to lose another one.
  3. I honestly wouldn't recommend getting a flash pass for the 11th. Normally Mondays are a little less busy and also some of the children will be returning to school around then. Also, when entering the park, most people choose to go to the right into Hometown Square, but I would suggest going to the left, into Orleans Place and it will be less crowded and it will allow tou get some rides in before people make it around the park. Just my thoughts.
  4. Where is the "magic seat" for demon to where if you sit there you get the most enjoyable ride experience?
  5. I would imagine that the crew would stick around for testing, just to work out any "kinks" the ride may have. I know the ride will have to run for awhile before the state can sign off and before anyone can set foot in the train. They still have to put up a support for the zero-g stall and they have to finish the last section of lift hill stairs.
  6. Yes it does but not under the corks, just near them. It's actually a pathway that's part of the exit. I'm speaking of the "Demon viewing area" (there was a sign for it) which was under one of the corkscrews, near the old waterfall and blood fountains I'm thinking it was taken out around the time of Splash Water Falls. Are you talking about the area in the lower right hand of this picture?
  7. They are definitely going to be cutting it close with Hurricane Harbor opening.
  8. The photo is taken from too close up, you would not be able to see the top of the lift hill from that picture.
  9. Tjat is not really a good picture of it. You see Hurrocame Harbor, Batman, and Sky Screamer but you don't see it in that pictures cause of where it was taken.
  10. Does anyone that went to the park this weekend have any pictures of Tsunami Soaker and the park in general?
  11. Who cares about the sign; it's an RMC! Now, let's see how many of those Cedar Fair has installed.
  12. I doubt it since they still haven't completed the track. I think it might be for the tunnel/underground portion, but who knows.
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