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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

Does anyone think that six flags might move great american raceway to iron wolf's old location? I think that great american raceway was a great family attraction that deserves to be kept! Whenever I go to other parks the antique car rides always have a decent wait and are very popular.

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I suppose it's possible, as they have kept the cars. But I see it as highly unlikely. In my view the cars will either be used as parts for other parks or just scrapped altogether. Car rides--while classic and fun--just aren't big draws today. I think--especially since they have kept Iron Wolf's station--that a new coaster will be there eventually.

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It's funny, that station is actually from Zforce. It would be neat to see it with a third coaster. I can't think of any other station that has outlived that many coasters.


Phantom's Revenge station was used for Steel Phantom and the Laser Loop

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Busch Gardens's Williamsburg took theirs out and they are doing just fine without. Although they are fun, I don't think we will see them return unless they can find a way to incorporate them into a childrens area refurb. The Camp Cartoon refurb has been a long-time rumor.

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  • 3 weeks later...

That area haunted by/formerly home to Iron Wolf is pretty narrow, and really wouldn't allow a car ride track shaped like anything but a paperclip. That area is also right across the fence from an employee area, and I doubt they want to listen to that racket all day. People tend to forget how loud those things were.

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^ And that area could really go to much better use than a car ride, considering that they could utilize the old Wilderness Theater area as well. It is kinda funny how when the park first opened car rides were popular enough to warrant having two in the park, but now they really aren't popular enough to even justify keeping one open as I can think of quite a few parks who have removed theirs recently.


In other news, opening day is just a few weeks away and the park posted a video showing them getting stuff ready.



They also posted that there will be a pass holder only showing of Screams and Dreams 3 at noon on opening day.

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UPDATE! We now have a good amount of riders that are under 30 years of age, so I'm happy to announce this is now open to ALL AGES! Please follow the same instructions below!




Hey Chicago area TPR Members! We need riders for Six Flags Great America's Batman Backwards Media Event on May 9th! You'll be riding the coaster for the media shoots and there is a very good chance you might be interviewed for local television news stations!


We need riders to be available as early as 4am on May 9th and to stay as late as possible. There might also be some need for riders on May 8th. Please include in your email if you are available on the 8th as well.


This initial casting call is open to EVERYONE. If you can make the media day, please send an email to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com with the following information:


- Your Full Name

- Your TPR Forum Screen Name or Club TPR Member Number

- Your Age

- If you are male or female

- Your email address

- Your mailing address

- Your Phone Number

- If you are also available on May 8th

- A little something about yourself

- A picture is always helpful!


We have a limited number of spots available and we will contact you if you have made the list. You MUST be a member of Theme Park Review - If you have a friend or a guest you want to bring, you MUST send me their contact details within your email. Guests will have to be approved by us before they will be allowed to attend the event.


Sending the email does NOT automatically mean you made the cut for the filming! We will contact you if you have made the list. Also, remember this is a "MEDIA DAY" and *NOT* an "ERT SESSION", and while at many media days you may get to ride a lot, there is always a good amount of "hurry up and wait", as that's just how things are.


We want to provide the park with VERY ENTHUSIASTIC people who want to be part of this exciting experience. You also need to be a patient person and have a flexible schedule. People who complain or have a low tolerance for waiting around should not sign up for this media day.


That's it! Send me your email and have an AWESOME time!



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So Hometown Square is going to look a lot different this summer.






The finished product:






And no the train station is not going away, this will just be in front of it. At NCC they said the handicap entrances will now be the only entrances and that you'll walk through the set to get to the stage, but the renderings looked different then so I'm not sure if that's still the plan. I would guess that the train will be closed though, or only running full circuit from County Fair. Hometown Square in general will probably be a mess opening day.


And then there's the new front gate.




Nice to see they put some effort into making it look similar to the old entrance. Metal detectors are now where the ticket booths were and ticket sales are in the light blue building by Superman. The old photo building has also been changed to a lost and found with windows both inside and outside of the gate.


All pictures from

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  • 2 weeks later...

That's pretty funny, but terribly misleading. I'd expect a lot of dislikes on your video unless you change the title to say "fake" or something.


As for the ride itself - it looks like they've added a pilot car. I wonder if they'll decorate it like Busch Gardens did with Alpengeist's?

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The ride is already great and doesn't need stupid gimmicks.


It's a curious thing that Batman is the one they chose to tinker with like this, especially with the Intamin Impulse Coaster also featuring an inverted train travelling backwards right next door to it (and it's yellow too!), and Deja Vu (even more similarly) not long removed from the park. Meh. I'm sure they have their reasons. I'm glad it's a temporary thing, though.


On a related note- weren't the reversed trains on the Freeze coasters also advertised as a temporary deal? I know they don't have to work around a specially made chassis getting passed around the chain like with Batman, but I don't recall seeing anything about them restoring things back to normal.

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