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Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) Discussion Thread

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^, ^^, ^^^ AMEN!


I never go to a park without them, just like my wallet and keys. What's unfortunate is when you go with someone wearing athletic shorts, so any ride with more inverted-ness or airtime than a HUSS frisbee means you're suddenly responsible for their stuff as well...


Unfortunately, yes.

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Here's an article that came in today's paper. Also, Six Flags released a CGI of the ride!


Six Flags shines light on new Dark Knight Coaster




The Dark Knight is on his way to Six Flags Great America this spring, and the Illinois theme park has released animation giving a glimpse into its first indoor "dark coaster". Based on the upcoming Batman movie "The Dark Knight," the Dark Knight Coaster is designed to thrust riders into the role of citizens of Gotham City, which, as park guests might expect, is under attack compliments of The Joker. The new ride will race through seven stories of darkness blazing with special effects, beginning in a vandalized elevated-train platform where passengers board their cars and then journey through twisting hallways and other forbidding places. Bill Schmeil, corporate design director with Six Flags, promises plenty of hairpin turns and plunges into unseen depths. There aren't any explosions, but there is "some suggestion of pyrotechnics," he said. "If we have an explosion at one point in the ride, everyone in the building will hear it," he said. "As you ride, a light will come on what we want you to see, but we don't want the people in cars behind you seeing it. The adventure starts in a pre-show room for 70 people at a time. A five-minute "press conference" at Gotham City Hall unfolds, setting the scene for the ride's story. "That becomes interrupted by The Joker, and then they are asked to flee the building, leadding to the ride," Schmeil said. "It is a totally themed experience with a story line." This winter's harsh weather hasn't made building the Dark Knight Coaster at the theme park in Gurnee easy, but Schmeil is confident the ride will be ready by spring. The movie hits theaters July 18.


See the video by clicking here!


The video is a little crazy, but the ride should be cool. Seems like Six Flags is going to pull off a pre-ride show - we'll have to see how well it turns out!

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I got a chance to make it down there today, and the whole loop (supports and all) were on trucks ready to get shipped to Idaho. A couple looked like they were ready to leave very soon! Anyways, still no work done to the towers and the cobra roll, except that on the left spike, the cable is still on and on the right spike it isn't. I will post some photos I took in a few hours. Till then.

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I've seen pictures of the footprint for SFoG's Deja Vu grave. It's terrible, because Deja Vu was right by the parking lot so it welcomed you with fear and excitement.


Ah well, I've ridden it. I can tell my grandkids...


"Did I tell you youngins 'bout that there time I went riding on Deja Vu?"













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Here are my pictures from earlier. Also, from what I heard the loop has been out now for about a week, so they must be working on gutting the station and removing all the mechanics to the ride. My bet is on the cobra roll coming out next. We'll just have to wait and see!


I will be down there again in about a couple weeks, if it isn't down by then. Till next time.


Farther away.


Closer up.


There is track on flatbeds ready to roll. I saw one with the actual cab on the trailer!


More bull. (no pun intended)


If you look closely, the 2nd spike looks to still have the lift cable.


Good ole' bull.


Close up!


I couldn't help but take some pictures of ole' bull too.


No loop!


Kind of a bad picture, but as you can plainly see, no loop!


It sure is a big place.


Key Lime Cove is looking good!

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