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Planned Trips This Summer

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It seems like there must already be a topic for this, but what the hell I'll post here anyway.


April- SFGAd, Casino Pier, Funtown Pier, Jenkinsons Boardwalk.


Sometime- Wisp Resort


July- TPR Texas Trip. SFOT, SFFT, SWSA, Kemah Boardwalk, Bonus Park.


Late July/Early August- Midwest Trip to Camden Park, SFKK, KI, Indiana Beach, Holiday World, Dollywood.


Looks like all my new credits accept for one (the Wisp credit if that is a credit) will be earned over a three weeks time. Oh well, those weeks I'm going to be living like I'm an Alvey. I'll take that for now.


Coasters I'm looking forward to the most are: Cornball, LCOSM, Voyage, Shockwave, Steel Eel, Freeze, Beast, and the Mountain Coaster at Wisp.

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Already completed:

California - Disneyland, Knotts, SFMM



Upstate NY, Mass and Connecticut - Sylvan, Great Escape, SFNE, Compounce and Dorney


Holiwood Nights - Holiday World, Kings Island


Middle America - Worlds of Fun, Silver Dollar City and Six Flags St Louis


PPP - Knoebels


Sprinkle in Kennywood, Cedar Point, Geauga Wildwater, and a couple other locals and that just about does it.


Saving the BIG trip for next year.

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I tend to keep things loose. I already went down to Orlando for a few days. Next up will probably be Cedar Point, Indiana Beach, and maybe Holiday World (just before Memorial weekend). After that, I'm not too sure.


King's Island and the Columbus Zoo/Jungle Jack's Landing will probably happen some time this year. Possibly Kentucky Kingdom or Carowinds. I have a friend in Vegas, so I may try to put something together with a quick jaunt over to Disneyland and KBF.


And I'm going to go to Ghost Town in the Sky just as soon as they get Cliffhanger open. (So...never. )

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-Kings Island

-Cedar Point



-Universal Orlando

-Busch Gardens Africa



-Hershey Park

-Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom


-Holiday World

-Darien Lake


Slight chance, but not likely:

-Canada's Wonderland

-Six Flags America

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The trip I'm looking forward to the most this summer is the Deep South trip! I'm also heading out to Six Flags Great America and Indiana Beach shortly after that. And then I'll end the summer with Labor Day weekend on the West Coast for Disneyland and SFMM.


I need to squeeze in a few visits to Great Adventure, too.

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TPR Scandinavia

TPR Deep South

TPR Texas

TPR West Coast


This will give me many, many opportunities to do my favorite thing in the world: TORTURE ELISSA!


Of course, Ice Bat will be accompanying me on all these trips, as he's far more popular than I could ever hope to be...



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Already visited:




-IOA-2X (including today)

-USF-2x (including today)


-Wild Adv.



Upcoming visits:






-SWO (Manta opening)




-Martin's Fantasy Island


-Darien Lake


-Cedar Point (2 days)

-IOA/USF (HRRR opening-hopefully )




-Santa Cruz





...And more visits to IOA/USF/SWO/BGT with my season passes.

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already been...






Castle Park

Adventure City

SW San Diego

Belmont Park



SFGAM & the Dells - May 15-17

SFFT & SW San Antonio - June 5-6




DLR/SFMM - July (birthday!)

Lagoon (Utah) - August

WDW/SW Orlando/BGT - October

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The only trip I have lined up is my first trip to Holiday World in (probably) July... will know the details by this weekend, which I'm excited for. Will probably make an obligatory trip to Kings Island sometime in the summer for Diamondback, and Cedar Point is a possibility as well.

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Since I haven't been in a few years, I will probably head out to San Antonio in early May to visit SFFT and Sea World.


I will be in Anaheim July 6-9 because those are the dates the Rangers are in town to face the Angels, and since I have always wanted to visit LA this seemed like the right time to go. So after each day I will be there, it will be capped of with a baseball game. Parks I might hit are SFMM, Universal, and KBF.


Other parks I could possibly visit this year are SFStL, SDC, and Magic Springs.

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After last years 89 coasters in 4 months trip(s) we are already positive that the parks below we will be attending this year!



Six Flags Great Adventure- numerous times.. been there once already

Six Flags America

Six Flags New England

Lake Compounce

Coney Island

Hershey Park

Kings Island



Trimpers Rides

All the disney parks

Islands of Adventure and Universal


Possible Parks---- Rye Playland, six flags kentucky, dorney park, sea world orlando.


I may be forgetting something..


Last years trips were amazing and brought so many good memories. We made a shirt commerating are 89 coasters so if you see an 89 coasters in 2008 shirt when you are at the parks feel free to say hi!

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For me it will be (in order):


-February/Hersheypark Chocolate-Covered February (Hershey Story Museum, Chocolate World, ZooAmerica and off-season picture-taking)

-April 11th/Hersheypark Springtime in the Park and Harley private event

-June 7th/Hersheypark summer trip

-August 15-17th/Cedar Point & Kings Island trip

-October/Hersheypark in the Dark

-November/Hersheypark Christmas Candylane


Since I have not been to Cedar Point and Kings Island since 1998/99, I will be able to add a ton of coasters into my credits. The ones that are definitely on the top of my list to ride are Diamondback, Maverick, and Millennium Force. I did ride Beast, Racer, Adventure Express, Cedar Creek Mine Train and Blue Streak on my last trips out there but I wasn't the biggest fan of coasters either.


And next year is another Disney year, my eighth time with a refurbished Spaceship Earth and Space Mountain!

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