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  1. We did a similiar trip as well last year. We left from Central PA and took the turnpike to lakemont park (off turnpike). We then went on to waldameer and then cedar point. Not a bad drive.. there are so many parks around this area it would be very hard to do them all in a few days. Best bet would be to take a few smaller trips as hershey would be a full day experience in itself and is closer to home. You could also take the turnpike and do Idlewild as well (off turnpike). Depending on how many days you can work with I would just take the turnpike and do idlewild, lakemont, and then head to
  2. I base my favs on a lot of things.. The atmosphere of the whole coaster, the themeing, the ride it gives, etc etc etc. I feel that the best of the best that I have ridden so far are as follows.. El Toro Griffon The Beast Notables in no particular order: All the Coasters at Holiday World , Maverick, Lightning Racer, Storm Runner, Mystery Mine, Nitro, .. ah heck who am I kidding, I like them all! lol. Except Son Of Beast, Rolling Thunder, and GASM.
  3. If you really have a passion and want to start branching out from your home park(s) I would say don't listen to others opinions on the best coaters etc. The best way to go is just go out there and do it. Go to as my parks as you can. Every park is different and enjoyable in one way or another. Yes, you will find some good and not so good coasters but that comes with any park you visit. I have gotten off a few coasters I thought were going to be horrible and they ended up to be some of the most memorable.
  4. After last years 89 coasters in 4 months trip(s) we are already positive that the parks below we will be attending this year! Confirmed..... Six Flags Great Adventure- numerous times.. been there once already Six Flags America Six Flags New England Lake Compounce Coney Island Hershey Park Kings Island Idlewild Kennywood Trimpers Rides All the disney parks Islands of Adventure and Universal Possible Parks---- Rye Playland, six flags kentucky, dorney park, sea world orlando. I may be forgetting something.. Last years trips were amazing and brought so many good memor
  5. Grizzly was open on Sunday and as far as I saw no damage was done. White Water Canyon on the other hand was still closed all day. This was my first trip to Busch Gardens (sat) and Kings Dominion (sun). After my trip to kings my coaster count since May 1st is now 47 coasters! But anyway, I don't have much good to say about Kings.. Dominator was excellent and Volcano wasn't that bad. Grizzly, Shockwave, Andaconda, Hurler, Rebel Yell, and Stunt Coaster were all ROUGH and in one way or another beat the crap out of me. I can't imagine making a trip there before Dominator. That coaster is
  6. I rode it on the 25th and must say I wasn't that impressed. Storm Runner and Lightning Racer are still my favorites at that park. I only rode it once so maybe it will grow on me when I ride again. The lift hill is def a different experience I must say. However, Hershey is more family oriented and my opinion is the ride could be so much more thrilling, as the drop for me was over as soon as it began. The rest of the ride is pretty good and I was surprised as we were going a lot faster then what it looks like when you are watching it. Overall it def wasn't the best out of the 30 coasters I rode
  7. What started on May 10th has left my girlfriend and I with a coaster count of 30 so far this season! We are on a roll and will be visiting Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion this weekend. We plan on visiting Dorney Park, Knoebels, Cedar Point, back to Hershey park, and a few other smaller parks as well this summer. We started May 10th at Kennywood, May 17th we checked out Six Flags Great Adventure, May 24th was Six Flags America, and the 25th was Hershey (yes we rode the Fahrenheit). I will be posting a FULL report near the end of summer but for now here are a few of my top favorite coasters s
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