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  1. Yeah, that is extremely pricey. $75 is one thing, but $375 is rediculous! Any hotels that you recommend that would get us into the park early?
  2. Thanks for all the replies, this is very helpful. In all honesty, I think I may have mispoke in my post. The reason we want to do Cedar Point and King's Island is to try more rollercoasters. I don't necessarily need to ride King Da Ka and El Torro all day, but it is nice if there are rides similar to that. From the site, it looked liked both parks had good roller coasters that were different from the roller coasters at six flags NJ. So we are exicited to try the rides. We are more rush junkies. So as long as the rides push good Gs and have good speed to them, then we are good.
  3. Yeah, we were thinking Cedar Point First as well. The rides look very similar to Six Flags NJ rides. King's Island looks to have different types of rides. So what kind of shock will I have. Good or Bad? I have read that Beast is not so smooth, and beats you up a bit. I really wished that Son of Beast still had the loop, but I heard the loop definately beat you up. Initially I said lets do Ohio because I saw the 3+ minute video of Son of Beast. I wanted to know what a 3 minute El Torro ride will feel like.
  4. Hi All, I am new here, but this looks like the place to post my question. Me and a couple of friends have been going to Six Flags NJ for the last 20+ years. Unfortunately this year they just recycled Medusa into Bizzaro, which non of us find interesting. Not to mention that last year, The Dark Knight Coaster was the biggest joke ever. We figure it may be time to branch out and do anual trips to some of the best rollercoaster parks. This year we decided on Ohio. We want to go to Cedar Point and Kings Island. We love crazy rollercoasters with tons of Gs. Last year we rode El
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