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The Bacon Thread

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The magical meat from the most magical animal!


Who doesn't love bacon?!


So come on in here and show your love.


Poems, stories, pictures, bacon related articles, anything you can think of


To start it off, I want one of these Bacon machines!


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Funny thing about bacon...I don't each much of it, but it is a part of my diet. I'm diabetic and actually have a cholesterol level of well under 200 (as of the results of my blood work last summer). But it's been like that for a couple of years now, and nothing's changed, so I don't expect the results to change on my test from last Thursday.



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Bacon & Maple Syrup pancakes has to be the best breakfast ever. - Ed

You are correct sir! Had that for lunch the other day at Cracker Barrel.


Why do I keep thinking of the old Beggin Strips commercial filmed in Snout-O-Vision?


"Bacon!Bacon!Bacon!Bacon! Bacon here! (looks at bag) What's in the bag? What's it say? I can't REEEEAAAAADDDD! Lady, pleeeeaaaassse tell me what's in the bag!"


Beggin Strips. Dogs don't know it's not bacon.


Back to topic, while at the afore mentioned tasty lunch, I asked some born and raised southern coworkers about chocolate dipt bacon discussed recently here on TPR. They got a chuckle and said it wasn't terribly different from chocolate gravy (yeah, yeah, throw in whatever ACEr joke here) and that dipping bacon in chocolate would probably be just fine. Hey, I'd try it.

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