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Quassy Amusement Park Discussion Thread

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I'm heading to Quassy and Lake Compounce on Tuesday. I'm going to start at Quassy and then head to LC after an hour or so.


I'm debating between getting an all day wrist band and just purchasing each ride. There isn't a lot I want to do other than get the credits and possibly a ride on Paratrooper. Will I be able to get enough rides on Wooden Warrior to make a wrist band worth it? I think I figured that I would have to get on 6 rides to make the wrist band the better deal. Will the crowds be light enough at open that I can get on WW a bunch in an hour or so?

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I had so much fun last Friday that I decided to return for a second consecutive 50c 'bash' and get in a lot more time on this baby. Went with two friends tonight and we each managed 5-6 rides on WW along with three fun flat rides and a wait on the cheap hotdog line, in about two hours. (After work, and this place is well over an hr on the back roads, as CT interstate has crazy traffic Fri evenings) Once at the park, waits were tame tonight thanks to sketchy weather that held out nicely! For the miniature GG gem: Ten minute wait at 8:00, walk-on to 5min depending on seat preference after 9:00.


My goodness, the Warrior is just a pure joy if you leave the restraint a bit more swung open than you'd really prefer -- ops are, ahem, "very casual" -- and extremely friendly. First of all, the anti-rollback dogs on this puppy play freaking music. Glorious. Then onto three or four seriously significant little pops of air in anything but first couple rows. Back seat (right) is still the best, especially for the first drop, but third row left was actually a TON of fun for a different take on the air...less intense but more sustained, and generally more noticeable throughout the course. Of note: I watched really closely one guy go through the tunnel with arms high, and...wow, it's ... like.. kinda pretty, er close there I think? But I do go through with them way up!


There is a little hiccup with the restraints upon arriving back to the station. They occasionally don't want to release, and it seems they have to roll the train forward a touch to trigger/untrigger the proper sensors to allow the restraints to open. Last week, rideop was just sending the train around a second time when they didn't release, hoping for better luck. Of course that caused some interesting reactions among GP. This week they had a more finely tuned hack of nudging the train forward to get them releasing.


These trains have grown on me each ride and I can now say I totally dig them. Would love to feel a big coaster on one.


At 9:50 they courteously announced on the park speakers that rides were shutting at 10 regardless of lines so think ahead! I headed to WW to find just a few people at the station. Got on the back car for what was announced as the last ride. This coaster is the most fun when it's darkest at night. The first drop blasts you out of pitch blackness in the far corner of the park against the parking lot, toward the lights and excitement of the central park and rest of the ride. Just..... sublime!


Arriving back at the station, a little guy had arrived at the gates wanting a ride. He gets in, they offer us another go-around, and most people got off (?!) It's funny, last week, everyone was roaring for rerides each time thanks to the ride op's restraint release tactic. So I had a final run viewing the nearly empty train from the back seat and it was fantastic and still "fast" and ejector-ish.


That is all, I've probably had my fill for now. May take the niece/nephew one weekend and if the little coaster catches their fancy, perhaps trek over to LC.



I can easily see a Larson Ring-O-Fire park model coming to this place.

I think *most* of those Larsons are 60' - not sure if they or anyone has a smaller version - but I believe Quassy is limited to about 35' or 40' by local code. (It's actually a bit humorous to see the 35' adult drop/bounce ride next to the kiddie FrogHopper. )

"you're going to flip..." in 2015. I hope (dream) we get some kind of scaled-down Alan Schilke creation, like a micro followup to Steel Hawg. Not that he would have time for that kind of project these days, but I can dream. And he seems like the kind of guy the park would learn of and try to attract.

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New Quassy Ride Taking Shape


“FRANTIC,” the new spectacular thrill ride coming to Quassy Amusement & Waterpark, Middlebury, Conn., is taking shape at the Visa International manufacturing facility in Montagnana, Italy. The ride will open next April for the park’s 2015 season along with kiddie bumper cars, also provided by Visa International. Rides4U, Somerville, N.J., is the U.S. representative for the Italian manufacturer. (photos courtesy Visa International/Rides4U)


Primed components for “FRANTIC” await a trip to the paint shop where colorful theming and state-of-the-art light emitting diode (LED) lighting will be added to the thrill ride


Circular seating support section during production.


“FRANTIC” components take shape in the Visa International manufacturing complex


Welder works on one of the tower supports for “FRANTIC,” Quassy’s new spectacular thrill ride


Large framework for “FRANTIC” stacked up at the manufacturing facility in Italy as the new ride is being produced for Quassy Amusement & Waterpark, Middlebury, Conn.

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Rides 4 U and Quassy Amusement Park have announced a brand new Frantic ride opening at the park in 2015!


Tell us what you think of this addition!


Checked out the new Frantic ride for Quassy amusement! Looks like a lot of fun!

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I'm really looking forward to Frantic and really like the direction that the park is going in. I'm interested to see how fast this thing will spin while inverting.


I would love to see a clone of Control Freak come to this park sometime in the near future. I loved that ride at Belmont Park and I feel like Quassy is the perfect sized park for it since it would never work in a park with massive crowds.

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Assembly is done and the ride has begun testing!



embedding it for you:





Strange I tried the youtu_be button and it wouldn't embed.



you have to use the "Share" code from youtube.


so what you would embed under "youtu_be" is this:




and yeah. . WAY too many spins for me. . no way would I get on this if this is the program they run

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