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Quassy Amusement Park Discussion Thread

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Sorry if it seems like I'm spamming from the double post, but nobody posted anything so here's a trip report of my trip to the park today. I went with two of my friends, my brother, and my dad. We were there for Wooden Warrior Day, so we got ERT on Wooden Warrior, all-day wristbands, and lunch. It was cold and raining in the morning, but all of the rides stayed open and the weather got a little better as the day went on. We stayed from about 10:30 - 2:00. That was a short time, but the rain kept the crowds away. It wasn't completely empty, but I'm really surprised but happy that all of the rides stayed open the entire time with a mostly friendly and enthusiastic staff. There was this guy who I think is a manager or in a higher position, and he was really funny and made sure we had a great time. I think his name was Phil D. or Pete D. or something. The park was clean and looked nice, and it has that old-school charming feel, despite the more modern rides being added. The view of the lake looked really cool in the rain and fog, and the park looks nice and there is some more landscaping that I noticed. The food was also really good, especially the pasta. We had an awesome time! So now to the best part, the rides.


Wooden Warrior X 20!!! - Man, this ride is awesome. It was really hauling ass in the rain, and I rode every row multiple times. I rode it 12 times in a row for the ERT, and then 8 times later in the day. The back row is awesome. The airtime was epic, and the lateral and positive g-forces were really good, too. My non-enthusiast brother and friends were kind of freaked out by the rapid-fire ejector air, but it was small enough them to be able to re-ride it with me. I seriously love this thing, I can't say it enough. This was my third time visiting the park, in three different times of the year and weather conditions, and it delivers every time.

Tilt-a-Whirl - Not much to say here, just a regular ride. I got a good ride on it with some forceful spins.

Music Fest - The tent canopy isn't up yet, but this was my first swinging music express. I like it a lot more than the normal ones, and it is just really fun!

Paratrooper - This is also my first paratrooper ride, even though a bunch of parks I've been to have them. It's a really nice ride.

Bumper Cars x 3 - We rode this three times in a row, and it was fun since it was just our group and some other ACE members we were with on Wooden Warrior. It's one of the better bumper cars I've done, and there is no one-way rule, and it was just complete chaos.

Free Fall'N - Not much to say here, just a larger version of a frog hopper or a Moser tower.

Yo-Yo Swing - This ride is so bad that it's good! I knew that the seats tilt all over the place, but it was really crazy with the wind. It was a weird and sketchy carnival-type swing, but it was just really fun!

REVERSE TIME - This thing is great! I really can't wait for more of these to get built. It's much more thrilling than the normal trabant rides, and it spins very fast! Old people who get sick easily should avoid this ride at all costs. I may love it, but this thing really SPINS! This is an excellent addition, and the park is really starting to have a strong and solid flat ride collection.

Little Dipper - It's a cute classic kiddie coaster, but it's a little bit unique since it surrounds two other kiddie rides and its location by the lake. But other than that, there's not much to say here. Just credit whoring.

FRANTIC - It's running a slightly shorter cycle than last time, since it just ran with 14 inversions, not 20. It's one of the best frisbee ride models in my opinion, even though it's small. Twist N' Swing 360s pack a real punch.

Grand Carousel - This is a really nice and beautiful carousel. It's really good for kids and families.

Crazy Cups - I sat in the same cup with one of my friends, and we spun this thing so fast! What's awesome about these mini tea cups is that they are so easy to spin.

Galleon Pirate Ship - It needs to be re-painted probably, but it's one of the better traditional swinging ships I've been on. It comes nowhere near the Morey's Piers one, though!

Quassy Express Train - It goes under Wooden Warrior, and there are some great views of the ride. And the train goes around twice, so there are plenty of chances to get great pictures and off-ride footage of Wooden Warrior. Not much to say about the actual ride, though.


So our day was awesome, and this was my best visit to this place yet. It's really nice to see this great, classic, friendly park adding these great flat rides and growing popularity! There are now three great, must-do rides in Wooden Warrior, Frantic, and Reverse Time. But during this visit I really got to appreciate some of the smaller, family-friendly rides. And the ones here are run very well! It's amazing how they are able to fit this many rides in such a tiny space.

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I hit up Quassy for 50c Friday nights last week to get in a few laps on Warrior and check out their new ride Reverse Time.


Crowds were pretty light up 'til about 7:30, at which point Warrior was sporting probably a half hour wait. It takes quite a long time to pull the train into the station. They pulse the calipers on the brake run before the station about ten times, with the train nudging just a little bit forward each release. If they let it roll in from just a little too far back, it comes in too hot, overshoots the prox sensors, and won't allow the restraints to release without sending it through another lap. Seems even more sensitive than it has in previous years. Bright side: everyone gets a reride when this happens. Wish they had GG work on a solution to this, though. As usual, the ride was absolutely DELIVERING the airtime and big smiles. It amazes me every lap.


Reverse Time is a real winner! I hopped on with less than cycle wait. Seats are super comfy, with tons of room for your arms to wave freely. Awesome! Mondial: take some notes, here, eh? The program they were running was fantastic with several direction changes and few different motion patterns, and they do not skimp on the cycle time! The ride experience is definitely unique, and you get some very strong, very funky, sideway-but-not-really airtime.


Frantic was down, bummer.


After a few cheap hotdogs, a spin on Yo-Yo, and their crazy "drive-wherever-the-#$%@-you-want" bumper cars, it was time to hit the road. Quassy always makes for a fun evening.

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Okay so I'm double posting. Wish Quassy was more discussed because it's a genuinely fun place and a total trip. Everything they have here is like a micro-scale version of the real thing - but still a total blast. The teacup ride has 6 cars and could fit in your living room. It's incredibly forceful. There is a wet raft slide in the dry park that they run through the end of Sept (you need swim shorts and ride partner). The yo-yo swings come within mere inches of one another while on ride. Both of the innovative flats they've added in the last two years are total winners in my book. Small, forceful spin-n-pukes with such great, varied cycles, that they feel very un-pukey.


Oh, and there's a 35'-tall roller coaster that delivers airtime far more plentiful and enjoyable than most coasters called "Goliath".


Anyway, I was randomly here this Saturday, quietly waiting in my seat for a Frantic ride, when a I did a literal double take. Couple comes through the gate, he sets down his green Tyrolean feather hat, and they both set down a 1L Mass of dark beer on the lose articles cubby. Having been there, I know a full sized Oktoberfest beer when I see one:



I just got this from Google. But this literally the exact vehicie of copious consumption of which I speak.

Hmm, I need to find out more about this!


It turns out right around the corner was their.... small (lol) version of Oktoberfest. With one well-run beer stand with six taps, one food stand with mediocre brats/sauerkraut, and an extremely elderly German band. I wasted no time indulging in half a liter of delicious HB while watching Woody Warrior laps from the infield amid peacefully plastered picnickers. It was actually quite glorious on a perfect fall day.





WW always delivering on smiles.


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I was never a fan of the Trabant / Wipeout but this looks like a ton of fun.


By the way why does "Reverse Time" have a clock logo but spin clockwise? I mean, wouldn't it be the reverse... who the hell cares but just wondering. lol


I only rode because my youngest had to have an adult. It's small and I was laughing it off but I thought we got a good long ride time, don't know if it was because we were the only riders. I really thought I was going to be able to grab one of the trees and for that I would reride until I needed to reride WW.

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I want to make it back at some point this year to try Reverse Time. I'll just need to remember to bring Dramamine since if they run a crazy long cycle like they did on Frantic, I could start to get queasy. I really love how Quassy has been expanding in the past few years.

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Wow Quassy is having another great addition next year. They're adding a tantrum slide and 2 other tube slides.




I remember when Quassy was just the single water fortress for the entire water park. Now they have a pretty respectable water park.


Quassy’s Splash Away Bay Waterpark To Get ‘Supercharged’ For 2018

By amusementtoday | July 7, 2017



Splash Away Bay waterpark at Quassy Amusement Park here will get “supercharged” for the 2018 season, park officials announced today.


Three new gigantic water raft rides with a combined length of more than 1,000 feet will be constructed during the offseason, bringing to 15 the number of slides in the lakeside complex.


“We’re thrilled that we can start the project later this summer and have it completed for the waterpark’s opening next year,” said park President Eric Anderson.


In addition to the new slides, Quassy will also construct Splash Away Bay Café & Deck overlooking Lake Quassapaug. Guests at Quassy Beach and the waterpark will be able to purchase food and beverages at the café and enjoy rooftop seating.


Big Thrills On The New Slides


The new slides will be provided by ProSlide Technology, Inc., of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. ProSlide was the vendor for the existing 12 slides at the attraction, which was first introduced in 2003 as Saturation Station. The project will be located in an area now occupied by picnic tables on the north side of the property.


The largest of the three giant slides will be a TantrumTWIST, also known as TORNADO, which will accommodate two-person rafts.


The patented funnel shape flushes riders up the TANTRUM walls, oscillates each tube multiple times and generates the suspended-weightlessness sensation that is unique to ProSlide funnel rides.


After dropping into the funnel, riders are swept up the wall to the equator line, which is actually perpendicular to the ground. The ride creates the illusion of going over the edge and keeps even the craziest thrill enthusiasts returning for more.


Two gigantic PIPEline serpentine slides will round out the three-ride attraction. The new slides will all depart from one platform and conclude in runoff troughs near Saturation Station. The PIPEline slides are designed for single our two-rider rafts.


“ProSlide is extremely proud to be the trusted partner to Quassy Amusement Park for every one of the waterslides at Splash Away Bay. We are thrilled to be working again with the Quassy team to add brand new guest experiences to Splash Away Bay,” said Phil Hayles, vice president business development, ProSlide Technology.


The waterpark expansion will be the single-largest investment in the park’s history, Anderson noted.


“Within the past several years, we have invested heavily in the park with new water attractions, amusement rides and infrastructure improvements,” Anderson added. “Two new rides were added this year as well as our new candy shop and administration offices.”


Vast Improvements


In 2015 Quassy announced a multi-year plan to add new attractions to the waterpark. Last year Slide City, a five-slide complex for children, was introduced as the first phase of the strategy.


Also, Reverse Time, a major thrill ride and the first in all of North America, opened in the amusement ride area of the park.


“The opening of Saturation Station in 2003 really set the stage for the vast improvements we’ve been able to make in recent years,” noted George Frantzis II, a park owner.


“Wooden Warrior, our marquee roller coaster, opened in 2011 and we doubled the size of the waterpark in 2013. Those were monumental accomplishments for us – a small, family-owned business,” Frantzis added.



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The slides were initially intended for 2017 per their plan back in 2015. However, with the residents they have living nearby I'm not shocked it took an extra year to get everything approved and ready to go. They give them hell for any additon.


Yes Quassy has a very strict 35 foot height maximum. The bowl slide they added was much shorter than usual and I believe it was custom sized for the park. The mini funnel on a tantrum slide doesn't need too big of a drop preceding it so the height restriction shouldn't be an issue. The tantrum slides aren't quite as good as the full sized Tornadoes, but they're much better than your typical raft slide. The mini funnels are quite aggressive.

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I'm starting a new job and for training I'm being sent to Hartford for all of next week. So if time allows, I thought I'd try to finally do Lake Compounce and Quassy, as well as a return trip to SFNE which I haven't been to since 2014.

That said, I've heard that the trains on Wooden Warrior may not be too accommodating for "guests of exceptional size"

Any truth to this?

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^ I haven't seen too many larger riders trying to get on Wooden Warrior, but I have seen some on Mine Blower, which uses the same Timberliner trains. I think I've seen 1-2 people who were unable to ride. They don't seem to be much worse than a B&M clamshell, but maybe someone else can chime in?

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We are still looking for people to join the Team TPR for Quassy's Coasting For Kids, happening on June 8th.


Here is the schedule:

9:30am - Registration

10:00am - Exclusive access to Wooden Warrior and Little Dipper

11:00am - All-day access to Quassy Amusement Park


Fundraise $100 for Give Kids The World and receive the ERT, park admission and a Coasting For Kids t-shirt!


Here is the link to Team TPR for Quassy: http://support.gktw.org/goto/TeamTPRQuassy


Thank you everyone!

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