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Tivoli Gardens Discussion Thread

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Very nice. Looks like a great new

selection of rides for kids and adults.


The themeing at Tivoli is so nice here

and there, and even "Victorian" in spots.

Then there arethe gardens and the general

awesome architecture everywhere in the park.


So... touring in 2014 is a given, LOL!


(EDIT to add: The coaster restoration sounds great, too!)

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Great news that they're bringing the coaster back to its former glory. I had so much fun on this in 2009 and can't wait to ride it next year with all the new (old?) theming.


The new flat for 2013 looks interesting - I'm always dubious of huge flats that looks really impressive as I find they're sometimes hugely underwhelming (topple tower...). Hopefully this proves me wrong!

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So cool that they find it worthwhile to restore the classic theming. I'm curious to see how they'll replicate or reimagine the former design.


I also love the theming of the new rides as shown on the page one renderings. As with the coaster renovation, I'm looking forward to pictures showing whether they turned out as awesome as advertised (I'm not too worried).

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  • 7 months later...

Tivoli has released a rendering of the new peaks of Rutschebanen they'll build for it's 100th anniversary next year.

You'll be able to ride Rutschebanen until new year's eve which will then undergo the refurbishment for the 2014 season.


New peaks for 2014

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More details on the restoration


Copenhagen, Denmark — When Christmas in Tivoli is over and New Year’s celebrations ends, about 40 artisans who over a short period will grows to 85, will “reverse build” Roller Coaster at Tivoli to its original appearance . The iconic ride, which is one of the world’s oldest coasters, turns magical 100 years old next year. In celebration, the runway between the original two mountain peaks that was previously the attraction landmark will be rebuilt.


The ride must be ready for the summer season 2014, but already Tivoli has released the first sketch of what it ‘s going to look like. The cost of reconstruction is almost 35 million Euros. The ride will run as it currently is during Christmas in Tivoli , but after New Year’s Eve it’s over.


The original peaks on Roller Coaster were removed back in 1920 at the request of the City of Copenhagen . Back then it was not considered appropriate that the first guests of the town so when they came out of the Central Station encountered a fun park like Tivoli . Not so anymore.


The future reconstruction will consist of two peaks , the largest of which is 26 meters high in relation to the garden . In addition, an artificial waterfall with a drop of over 20 meters up on Rutschebanens side. The waterfall will support the experience of driving in the mountains.


Vice President of Operations and Development , Mogens Carsten Ramsløv says:

” In 2014 Roller Coaster rounds 100 years and the idea of ​​returning the field to its original appearance as a forward-thinking architect wanted it to look like has long been a concern of ours. Passengers can still look forward to the familiar rumbling trip, but next year carriages will careen through the proud mountain peaks and through one of the mountains at high- speed where a little surprise” waits.


In the new year, craftsmen will restore two existing flat mountains, so both peaks will emerge revitalized and spiked with snow on the mountain top when Tivoli embarks on its summer season on 10 April 2014.




Roller coaster in Tivoli, which is 625 meters long, is one of the world’s oldest coasters still in operation. It is also one of the only seven courses in the world that has a driver on board , called a brake man . The ride is also the most popular attraction in Tivoli with 1.3 million guests in 2012.


It has been tried by royalty, presidents and Michael Jackson, and all Tivoli Guests have a relationship with the track, which with time has become an attraction within the attraction.


The upcoming construction will consist of two peaks , the largest of which is 26 meters high in relation to the garden . In addition, an artificial waterfall with a drop of over 20 meters up on Rutschebanens site . The waterfall will support the experience of driving in the mountains.


The course was built in 1914 by master carpenter Valdemar Lebech , whose descendants still operates some of Tivoli’s many stalls .


· The track is 625 meters long. In addition, 95 meters siding and workshop.


· Top speed moderate (around 58 km / h )


· The course covers an area incl. platforms at approx. 1750 m2


· The track is 75 cm


· Rutschebanens anti-roll bars were installed in 1990


· In 2012 drove Roller Coaster 1.3 million . guest tours


· It is said that it is lurking within the 100 year old construction



Rutschebanen anno 1914

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^ Can't wait for this - and I do hope it's re-opened before

we get there next June.


In the new year, craftsmen will restore two existing flat mountains, so both peaks will emerge revitalized and spiked with snow on the mountain top when Tivoli embarks on its summer season on 10 April 2014.


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In other news, Tivoli are also building a new 12 story hotel to open in 2016.




My best attempt at a translation:


Copenhagen will get a new 12 story hotel in 2016. Tivoli and the Arp-Hansen Hotel Group have joined forces to build a new hotel next to the existing Tivoli Hotel on Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen.


The hotel, which will have 288 rooms and 25 meeting- and conference rooms, will cost a 10 digit amount (DKK), according to the construction firm. The building will be designed by Kim Utzon.


Tivoli's CEO, Lars Liebst, says that Tivoli have been working towards expanding the business travel market and the new hotel will help boost this effort.


"A Tivoli Hotel which is family friendly, while still appealing to the business market is in line with our strategy to make Tivoli a year-round operation" says Lars Liebst about the new hotel.


At Wonderful Copenhagen, they say that it is important for Copenhagen to constantly innovate in order to compete internationally:


"Despite the global financial crisis, we've seen a strong growth in the number of hotel stays in Copenhagen in recent years" says Lars Bernhard Jørgensen, director of Wonderful Copenhagen.


"Tivoli and Arp-Hansen's partnership and their hotel project strengthens the tourism and conference offering in city centre, and the investment is in line with Wonderful Copenhagen's growth strategy for the coming years" he says.


Dorte Krak, director of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group advises that they are now in the process of finalising details of the development.


The total hotel capacity for Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center including the new hotel will be 700 rooms and meeting facilities that can house 6000 guests. Tivoli opened their first hotel in 2010.


Tivoli oand Arp-Hansen Hotel Group forged a strategic partnership in 2008 to develop Arp-Hansen Hotel Group's Tivoli Hotel.

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Regarding that press release on the scenic railway, sorry for the bad translation. When I was posting that on the InPark Magazine website, I had to deal with a crappy translation via Google Translate from the original Danish. I did some editing to make it flow better in English, but it's still not perfect.


I'm a supporter of TPR and am excited whenever something I worked on finds its way onto this site. And on occasion we've used photos and video from TPR (asking Robb first and linking to the TPR website). Not to mention that it's an indispensable site for research. I just ask that as a courtesy if anyone pulls a piece from our website, that you please add a link to the original. Thanks.

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Side note: the stats for Rutschebanen given by the article (length: 625m; speed: 58 kph) contradict the stats listed on rcdb.com (height: 12.9m; length: 720m; speed: 50 kph). Furthermore, the stats given on the Tivoli Gardens website are also different (height: 12.6m; speed: 60 kph).


Does anyone happen to know which of these stats are the correct ones?

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Another update on the new hotel expansion, including an image of the proposed design:


The business-themed hotel has been designed by Kim Utzon, the son of legendary Jørn Utzon, the architect who designed the Sydney Opera House (Photo: Tivoli)


The news comes just a couple of months after the City Council rejected the amusement park's proposal for a 8,500 sqm glass-fronted hotel, restaurant and shopping complex, and on the heels of Tivoli's announcement that its 100-year-old rollercoaster would be restored to its original appearance.



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  • 2 months later...

Some pictures of the construction of the Rutschebanen mountain peaks have surfaced.

The first one is from the CoasterClub Denmark and the other 4 from the Tivoli official Facebook page.



CoasterClub Denmark - FB

Tivoli Gardens - FB


Rising tall


Big supports


Looks like a massive cathedral


Going to look great once they look like mountain peaks


Loots of wood

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