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  1. Really? Chill out everybody. Isn't the basic concept of having a forum to have discussions? Do I want Wildfire to be built? Yes. Do I think Kolmården will get a permit? Probably. But it could take a lot of time, meaning Parks and resorts have to invest A LOT of resources (i.e. time and money) = the project might get economically unprofitable = alternations might occur. So I rather discuss the issues around the project to get a better comprehension than listening to one person (who has clear personal interests in the question) and get super disappoited if something goes horribly wrong. Best regards, the cynic
  2. No, probably not. But I have studied urban planning for 5 years so I know how bad it could get if Länsstyrelsen demand a new local plan. That stuff is not done over a night....
  3. Yes, Kolmården already is a highly developed area, but Wildfire will be on a totally different scale and a new element in the landscape = Länsstyrelsen will bitch about every tiny detail. But they need more information in order to make a proper decision regarding the permit...? That doesn't mean they have a green light, unfortunately. I wouldn't be too sure about it, especially since: 1. They have been fined around 100,000 USD because they started building without a permit. 2. If everything would be totally fine their CEO wouldn't go out in the media and do remarks like "we'll close down the park if we don't get a permit" Source Simply put, they're not in the best of situations right now.
  4. No, Kolmården is not part of the actual reserve, but sits right next to it. A huge insvesment like Wildfire could disrupt cultural/social, ecological and even economic values in the surrounding area, which means that it is Länsstyrelsens business. To take your argument to extreme would be to place a nuclear plant in you backyard and say that "you other people have no authority here, because this is my land"... And just for the record: it might seem as if i'm trying to bug the hell out of you, but I am only trying to be realistic and look at both sides. At this point it is not granted that Wildfire will be built. My personal believfs (and hopes) is that they will, in time, get a permit for Wildfire. But, as I said before, at this point it is not granted that they will.
  5. Well, partly. It depends on what kind of zoning there is around the park. Some zones are decided on a governmental or even EU level e.g. 'Natura 2000'. But I don't know what the exact zoning is in the area. All that I know is that Kolmården is located in some type of reserve (which is usually a decision from Länsstyrelsen) so it could get really bad if Länsstyrelsen decide that wildfire isn't compatible with the existing zoning = it is not entierly up to the municipality to decide.
  6. Unfortunately the municipal politicians have no say if Länsstyrelsen say no. So even if they make a local plan it is not granted that wildfire will be built. Especially considering that Kolmården is located in a vulnerable area with a lot of restrictions it could be difficult the get a permit. Länsstyrelsen could also demand all sorts of reports/studies of the area to prove that wildfire won't disrupt neighbours/nature too much, making it an incredibly slow process. :c:c:c:c:c
  7. This actually looks REALLY promising! I had my doubts earlier and thought it would just be a gimmick to break a record, but by judging from this clip it it seems it will deliver a pretty full experience. Can't wait for more details!
  8. I actually think it's a pretty good proposal for the area. It's easy to forget as an enthusiast that this particular area is so much more than just an amusment park: it is probably the most central area in Copenhagen. With that in mind I personally think that the proposal in question works good for both everyday life and park. It might not be the best looking proposal but considering that the surrounding development in the area will have a similar architecture I think it might work pretty well (e.g. The new 'Scala' which will be located on the opposite side of the main entrance). The only thing that I am a bit worried about is how the facade facing the park will look like and if it will look as modern as the facade along the street, since I doubt that a modern look will fit in inside the park.
  9. So my friends and I went to Liseberg last weekend. It was a super hot day (by swedish standards), we were hungover and I was limping from the shenanigans that happened the night before, so we weren't that stoked but still had to go to Liseberg while in Gothenburg. So I was limping my way through the park and around midday we went on Helix. We sat somewhere in the middle of the train (was way too hungover to actually notice wich exact car we went on) and off we went. It was definitely a good ride but not as good as i actually thought it would be. So somewhat dissapointed we went on and rode Balder and pretty much everything else (Kanonen were, by the way, running stunningly well!). We came back to Helix around 9pm for one last ride. We waited the extra few minutes to sit in the back and Oh. My. F****ng. God. It was probably the best ride I've ever had on ANY coaster. The only thing that was missing to make it TOTALLY perfect were some more positive forces (the only places where I felt some major positives were in the helix and the left hand turn up the hill, right after the largest airtime hill). But other than that it is PERFECT. Even though there are five variations on corkscrewy/in-liney/0-g-rolley-thingys they all delivered very different and unique sensations, which actually suprised me. To summerize, the whole ride just works. There are so many different elements and sensations which make Helix incredibly unique. The only coaster in the same 'class' (i.e. steel and launched) that i think can compare with this huge mix of original elements is Maverick, though I must say that I enjoy Helix more than Maverick (I don't like them lateral forces on Maverick). And I find it very difficult to point out a 'favourite' part on Helix, just everything works and has to be there in order to make the bigger elements 'pop'. So you guys who are going on the scandi trip definitely has something to look forward to!
  10. Göteborgsposten posted a video and article about the Helix pressday that you can watch/read (i.e. if you know swedish) right here: www.gp.se/nyheter/goteborg/1.2350729-100-kilometer-i-timmen-upp-och-ned Some enthusiasts point out in the article that Helix could have just a little bit more airtime but is, in overall, a very good ride.
  11. Just found this http://www.gp.se/gptv#nhofexbUF4KMJoLSzlZcpw on Göteborgsposten website. It's a video partially containing the POV fotage that has already been posted here, but also POV from the rear of the train (both looking backwards and forwards) and some Off-ride fotage. Enjoy!
  12. Just pooed myself. 57 meters high, longest RMC coaster yet, 3 inversions, 83 degree drop.
  13. I'm sure that the actual riding experience will be amazing but I can't help but feeling a bit worried about how it looks. I just feel it's too messy and it doesn't really work with the surroundings, which is a total bummer. Hopefully they can kind of "mask" the supports with foliage and stuff. Because, as it looks right now, the scale doesn't really work. :c BUT it'll still be an awesome ride!
  14. A freakin' fabulouz update mr. Loefet! I was super bummed out that I missed the tour, especially since I will be going to Gothenburg in just a few hours. But when Im there I'll be living at the gothia towers just next door so hopefully I'll be able to snap some pics and keep you guys updated!
  15. Don't pee, its just a roller coaster.. well, not just a coaster, its perhaps on of the most exciting coasters for 2014! I know it's not that very practical, but since Lisebergsbanan is one of my absolute favourites I can't even start to imagine how good Helix will be = bladder difficulties.
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