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Tivoli Gardens Discussion Thread

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  • 4 months later...

I had a spare weekend and decided to take the train down to Malmö to visist my younger sister who is currently sudying there. We both decided to take the train over to Denmark and Copenhagen to visit Tivoli Gardens.


We had a great day with awesome weather and almost no crowds at all. All rides were practically walk-ons all day long.


I took some pictures for you to drool until you do the Scandi Tour.


One of the entrances. Rutschebanens mountain to the right


Main entrance... and the sun


Rutschebanen is nicely themed as you know.


Looks great.


And of you go! First time I rode a coaster with a breakmen.


Happy riders. Could you tell we are siblings?


Asian area of the park, including Daemonen!


Did I mention there was no crowds. Here is me riding (almost) alone.


Daemonen! So compact and nice!




As I said..

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Wow, this is so exciting. It's looks totally awesome!

And to think, a TPR group of us will be riding it next weekend!



Thank you for sharing the photos of your visit!


And Daemonen still rides freeky to me in the best possible way!

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  • 4 months later...

Tivoli have finally gotten a building permission for it's expansion toward the street (remember that this dosen't really have anything with rides to do).


Personally I hate it, as I think it will ruin the classic feel of Tivoli, but if they like it I suppose they know what they are doing.


Historic amusement park Tivoli to get major facelift


One of Copenhagen busiest corners will get a new look after city officials approve Tivoli's plan for a modern makeover.


The entrance to the historic Copenhagen amusement park Tivoli is once step closer to a major facelift after receiving the unanimous approval of the City of Copenhagen’s technical and environmental committee.


The plans call for a major change to the area near the park’s main entrance, which will result in a new first impression of the Danish capital for travellers arriving at Copenhagen Central Station.


Plans to revamp the corner of Vesterbrogade and Bernstorffsgade have been circulating since 2008. A previous design that was developed by the architects behind the Louvre’s glass pyramid was rejected by the city for not fitting in with the surrounding area, but Tivoli and the architecture firm Pei, Cobb, Freed & Partners have now managed to change the design enough to win local politicians’ approval.


“Tivoli is now an important step further in renewing the corning of Vesterbrogade and Bernstorffsgade. The vision is to create the framework for even more urban life. That won’t just benefit Tivoli – Copernhageners and tourists alike will benefit from a vibrant city with a lot activity,” Tivoli spokesman Lars Liebst said in a statement.



Among the highlights of the plan are a new modern facade and a wider sidewalk near the amusement park’s main entrance, terraced green space within Tivoli, an expansion of Nimb Hotel and new shops, cafes and restaurants.


Tivoli did not provide an estimated completion date nor an exact cost of the project, saying only that it was an amount in the triple-digit million range.


Tivoli opened in 1843 and is the second oldest amusement park in the world. The oldest is also found in the greater Copenhagen area: Dyrehavsbakken, or simply Bakken as it is known locally, dates all the way back to 1583 and is located in Klampenborg, roughly ten kilometres north of Copenhagen.


Still no news about the new for 2015 rides.



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I actually think it's a pretty good proposal for the area. It's easy to forget as an enthusiast that this particular area is so much more than just an amusment park: it is probably the most central area in Copenhagen. With that in mind I personally think that the proposal in question works good for both everyday life and park. It might not be the best looking proposal but considering that the surrounding development in the area will have a similar architecture I think it might work pretty well (e.g. The new 'Scala' which will be located on the opposite side of the main entrance). The only thing that I am a bit worried about is how the facade facing the park will look like and if it will look as modern as the facade along the street, since I doubt that a modern look will fit in inside the park.

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I like this a whole lot, both in idea and apparent execution, and I absolutely agree with this:

It's easy to forget as an enthusiast that this particular area is so much more than just an amusment park: it is probably the most central area in Copenhagen. With that in mind I personally think that the proposal in question works good for both everyday life and park.

I really like the idea of urban amusement parks such as Tivoli Gardens being sort of community hubs for the cities they're built in. I think that as the city evolves, so should the park - it's totally possible for a place with such a long history to be able to embrace its past while subsequently continuing to move forward.

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I'm glad the park got approval for this addition.


I don't mind the look of this addition. For historic preservation, It is actually better to make an addition/new building visually distinct so that what is actually historic can easily be discerned. This looks to be more visible from the train station and the street than within the park itself.

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  • 9 months later...

Tivoli Gardens have announced their new ride for 2016:

Fatamorgana will be a 45 meter tall tower. It combines three rides in one so there will be something for every member of the family. The 5-years-olds can enjoy a mini version of The Bumper Cars at the ground level, and on the next level a combi-ride will have a wild and a less wild version.


Tivoli Gardens


The press mentions make the thrill ride sound like a frisbee-style ride, but they haven't released a rendering yet. It just says riders will sit in a circle with their backs against the centre and experience 2.5G while swinging over the edge of the tower. The ride has a combined budget of 50 million DKK and will open April 5th, 2016.

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The press mentions make the thrill ride sound like a frisbee-style ride, but they haven't released a rendering yet. It just says riders will sit in a circle with their backs against the centre and experience 2.5G while swinging over the edge of the tower. The ride has a combined budget of 50 million DKK and will open April 5th, 2016.


It's a HUSS Condor, with two different seats.


I'm a bit disappointed with the new ride, as some rumors indicated a bigger investment, but I love that Huss is slowly coming back to Europe!


Tivoli world-first with new ride


Tivoli is set to present a world-first with a spectacular new ride at the opening of its 2016 summer season. Huss Park Attractions the German amusement ride engineers, created the Fatamorgana ride in association with the Tivoli design department. The 3-in-1 tower caters for kiddies, tweenies and hardcore thrillseekers all in one. Tivoli is investing millions in the ride, a giant towering at 45 metres.

The historic Tivoli amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen may have clocked up 172 years, but it is still evolving. In 2016, the 5,000 m2 amusements area the Orient will gain a new landmark; the 45-metre Fatamorgana tower. Fatamorgana will be joining Vertigo, the Golden Tower, the Demon and the Monsoon to ensure that the Orient maintains its reputation as Tivoli's ultimate-thrill zone.


3-in-1 ride

The new Fatamorgana ride is based on the HUSS® factory's Condor 2G (2nd generation). Tivoli's in-house designers have added on a kiddie ride at the base of Fatamorgana in the shape of mini bumper cars. Older children and adults ascend the tower at two speeds; on the fastest ride, the passengers are seated back-to-back in a circle and slung around at a dizzying pace. On the more moderate ride, seating is in the direction of travel and the ride is at a more sedate pace, allowing the passengers to appreciate the view of Copenhagen's streets from 30 metres up. True to Tivoli tradition, the in-house designers styled Fatamorgana to match the Gardens' distinctive visual features. The final drawings will be unveiled at a later date.


Lars Liebst, Tivoli’s CEO, says:

“Some of Denmark's busiest streets pass Tivoli; space is limited, so we have to think out of the box. With Fatamorgana, the HUSS® factory and our in-house designers have created a ride that gives us three new attractions in one, allowing us to achieve the vital development we need as an amusement park if we are to continue to attract Danish and international visitors.”


CEO Mirko J. Schulze of HUSS® in Bremen, Germany, recounts his version: “Tivoli set us the challenge of combining our popular Condor 2G with a more moderate ride and a kiddie ride. At Huss Park Attractions we are aware of Tivoli’s space issues and our engineers have found it an intriguing assignment. We feel honoured to become part of the famous Tivoli Gardens and are looking forward to seeing Fatamorgana in operation from April 2016.”


News rouses enthusiasm abroad Justin Garvanovic, President of the European Coaster Club, commented:

”Tivoli Gardens is famous the world over for being more than just a park, it is a destination. It is somewhere that families can visit together, as they have been doing for many generations. As someone from the UK, I am extremely jealous of Denmark for Tivoli Gardens, but it is also why Tivoli Gardens is my favourite park in the world. The new attraction carries on this tradition, appealing to all ages, and is sure to be another success for a park that thrives on tradition.”



The Fatamorgana ride will form part of the oriental area covering just under 5,000 m2, which also features Vertigo, the Golden Tower, the Demon and the Monsoon.


Engineering & Fabrication: Huss Park Attractions GmbH, Bremen, Germany, http://www.hussrides.com

Type: Condor 2G featuring original Tivoli design/Jonathan Gress Wright and Will Gurley, Tivoli Design Office.

Capacity, total: 900 passengers/hour

Height, total: 45 m

Height, gondolas: 30 m

G-force, thrill-ride: 2.5 G

Investment: DKK 50 million in the entire area






It will basically be a combination of the new ride vehicle Huss have for their new generation Condor:


And the ride vehicle Intamin have for their Spinning Star:

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Nerd question, for anyone willing. Does anyone know what height Dæmonen's station and brake run are off of the ground? It looks like they're about six or seven meters high but I'm not sure.

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  • 2 months later...



My name is Per and this is my first contribution to this wonderful forum... Comments or suggestions on how to improve my reports are warmly welcome. Lets get right down to it.


T'was a few days after Christmas and me, my girlfriend and two friends went to the Christmas-market at the very ' curious and quaint' Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen... Founded in 1843, Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world beaten only by ' Bakken', which is a mere 13 kilometres away but a whopping 260 years older ( founded in 1583).


T'was a cold day... But despite only 3 brisk degrees C ( ca 37 F), all rides were open except Freedom Flyer which was closed due to winds. Probably a good decision as the wind was cold enough to make my nuts want to turn back and hop on the train home to Malmö.

But, we soldiered on... There was after all warm beverages with enough alcoholic content to convince any eloping body-parts to hang around( har har).


After a quick shot O'Glögg, we got in line for Rutschebanan. I get excited around rollercoasters, so I passionately started rambling facts about the ride while we waited. I got so caught up in it that it wasn't until just before boarding, that we realised this was not the line for Rustchebanan, but actually a water-ride called ' Minen' ( The Mine).

We got on, because... We didn't want to look stupid... and after all, what could be stupid about going on a water-ride when it's 3 degrees outside?

The ride was thankfully a very un-wet shoot-em up. I'm not sure what we shot at, but I won.


After that, we went on to Odinexpressen. It's a motordriven MacRides-coaster built in 1985. It does three laps on it's circuit and the back-row packed a surprising amount of " wheeee". Also, the fact that it's motordriven makes it very curious, as there are not that many around these days.

I couldn't find a TPR-video, but there are plenty on youtube if you're interested.


Next, we found the right line for Rutschebanan.

Rustchebanan ( translates to ' the slide' or something) is an old school wooden coaster built in 1914. It's so old that it needs to be braked manually... It's a lot of fun, and surprisingly smooth. It's also said to be haunted, which in combination with the brakeman riding along makes it very curious and quaint.

After that, we jumped on the drop-tower, mostly because I'm scared of them and my girlfriend knows it. Standard drop tower. It goes up, I crap my pants and then comes down with me smiling and thinking how silly I am for always being scared. Drop-rides are awesome!


After this, we walked past what has to be one of the most intense rides in the world. Don't take my word for it, because I didn't go, but Vertigo is supposed to pound your ass into your seat with the sustained force of 5G's for most of it's duration.

It looked insane. I informed people getting on it was insane. And as they got off the informed me it was insane.

That video doesn't lie. It looks fake! Like reality sped-up. That's how insane this ride is!

I didn't ride. None of my friends wanted to go and it just wasn't calling my name loud enough, so we went looking for food and alcohol instead.


We lunched in the bowels of a pirateship. Down below was a restaurant, with a Caribbean-inspired menu. The food was good but even better was seeing the kids who were totally immersed in their pirate-dream.


Next up we rode Daemonen ( The demon). I have a serious weakness for parks who try to fit big rides into small spaces. Daemonen is just that, it's a B&M floorless coaster that tries to deliver ' Kraken', but in a fraction of the space.

It's a fun little ride, and what it lacks in force, it more than makes up for with a ton of heart and feisty personality. Not 100% sure but it could be the smallest B&M ever built, which makes it extremely curious and quaint.

I meant to get back on Daemonen for a second romp, but the line tripled and with only one train on the circuit, I didn't want to keep my friends waiting.

The lines were really short all day ( 0 - 10 minutes) but as the shadows grew bigger, so did the crowds.


In conclusion:

I love this park! It has so much personality, curiousness and quaint-ness. It has a very nice selection of rides for a park of it's size and being just outside the Copenhagen central-station ( two stops from Copenhagen airport), it's relatively easy to pay a quick visit, no matter where you are in the world.

You could also combine your tivoli-stop with a quick visit ' Bakken', which would give you the credit for " two oldest parks in the world", possibly in one day. Pretty quaint, if you ask me.


Now for some pictures...


Tivoli is a quaint little park in the heart of Copenhagen.


Lots of cute little restaurants and stores with curious souvenirs for sale.


Tivoli is packed with cute little details... like this snowman.

- " Come here" he seemed to say. " Come here so I can murder you!"


My glove-less friends nearly lost their fingers to frostbite, luckily we found this quaint pile of glowing coal to warm them back up.


Feathers will beat the weathers...

Feathers and love.


We found this pirate-ship, which turned out to be an awesome restaurant...


Me at the helm


I guess this means ' Calamari' is off the menu.


Starvin' Marlin and Dead Hammerhead tenderising...


Daemonen turned us into demons, complete with scary faces, horrific screams and white knuckles...


This quaint bird-house is actually a pretty accurate replica of the OJ Simpson crime-scene.


Oh the quaintness...




or tails




More shinyness...


5 dollars for Glögg and they let you keep the cups. It's a sponsored but quaint little souvenir.


This report has been brought to you by Me ( Per) and my girlfriend and photographer Carolin. We sincerely hope you found it entertaining... and quaint.

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My name is Per and this is my first contribution to this wonderful forum... Comments or suggestions on how to improve my reports are warmly welcome. Lets get right down to it.


Such a beautiful park, thanks for the winter pictures.

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