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The "Preview" Thread

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As most of you (hopefully) have noticed I have been rather absent from roller coaster tycoon 2 for a while, and used to be a much more frequent poster. Well, I finally decided today that it would not be much hastle to take pictures of everything from my phone and send them to verison. Heck, I may even be able to photobuscket these later, but anyway, I am starting an entirely new park with a new thread. I prefer no CS parks(I am sort of working on a CS design though) but this park will be no cs.


The Storyline(will also be posted in thread when I start it)

Blackstone Amusements, the current owners of Busch entertainment have recently announced that they are building a park in Vancouver, Canada. The park will be called Busch Gardens Canada, and instead of focusing on various continents such as Europe and Africa, the park will focus on specific countries and continents in an organized matter. The 2 major roller coasters that were announced were Knihts Quest, a B&M mini hyper that will travel over 60 miles per hour as well as an un named GCI wooden roller coaster which will carry an egyptian theme.


Here are some teaser pictures so far. The quality is not top notch because they are from my phone.


Ewww, pretty theming. (note, this is a teaser shot, those are not the actual colors


An awesome first drop, the coasters drop will be a mix of terminator/kentucky rumblers first drop and renegades drop, providing a unique experience. This is a teaser photo, which is why its in black and white.


Here is knights quest, the lift is actually currently up, but the catwalk is under construction.

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I took out over half of the red space paths. The red paths were only in Main Street, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Colonial Square, and outside the park. Now there are only red paths in Fantasyland and outside the park.


Thanks for the comments

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