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The "Preview" Thread

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Yes I do have positive things to say, but by saying "OH I REALLY LOVE IT" you won't help the builders, I try to point them on some little things who make it even better


Dude, remember back in May and June where everything I said was harsh, and mean, and only a few things positive? If you keep posting this negative>positive comments, your going to get into some trouble with the mods.


You also never tell how to improve, or give direct examples other than (go to NE).


You also need to realize that the people who post on this site are not RCT2 Gods, like I said earlier. If they want a lot of advice like the ones your giving. They will go to New Element.


Also, arguing with a mod constantly isn't going to help you alot either



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You also never tell how to improve, or give direct examples other than (go to NE).


This gentleman (and ladies, if there are any here), is the key. Constructive criticism is fine, as long as you give examples on how YOU might fix something. Directly people to another site (which aggravates me to no end), and not saying what to fix accomplishes nothing. For anyone.


Let's all be civil, and help each other out. After all, these are just games!

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Sorry to correct you but I believe it's 'Directing' people to other sites. (Correct me if I'm wrong of course.)


Sorry, but I'm a bit or a spelling and grammar freak. I blame you for telling me off in the fist place. That was a while ago.


Anyway. I think it looks quite good. I like it. If you'd like to improve just ask. There are loads of people here who would gladly give you advice.

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Mastersax, the basics are really there, now try to make it more detailed because atm the walls of the station are really dull, try adding some more texture...


First, Mastersax I think your latest pictures show that you are going to be a great RCT2 player to follow in future projects. Well Done!


Second, I really don't see the negative in BelgianGuy's comment. "...the basics are really there" a very positive comment. "...really dull, try adding some more texture" a great little suggestion on how to improve. I will be honest, more often than not you (BelgianGuy) do come off really harsh and sometimes hateful but not in this case. Personally the few comments you have posted in my latest park have really helped me by pointing out issues like using too many of the same windows and putting in check thoughts about how the park may or may not be received at other sites (mainly meaning NE)


Third, coastb2, it's nice to see your latest NL project(s) are getting away from Jet Coasters. Not that you didn't do a great job on them cause you always have. Looking forward to seeing your new "headbanger" in person when you release it.

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Here is a little something...I'm debating whether to put it on TPR or not, as a thread is already on 2 sites (but the people at NLBench haven't been posting crap recently because of the launch of NL-Exchange). However, I'll show a couple photos and if anybody is interested I'll post here. I may get you guys to vote on colors since the people in Spain (it's on a Spanish forum) are having a hard time understanding my terrible Spanish or my regular English.


Anyway, I'm rambling as always. Here is the stuff...






This B&M has a unique element called the Turbo Dive™, which is a 372 ft tall dive (third drop in pics).



- Height Differential: 490 ft (~150m)

- Biggest Drop: 372 ft (113.5m)

- Top Speed: 113 mph (182 kph)

- Length of Tunnel: over 1,000 ft long (305m)

**(This ride has a long tunnel back to the station).


Let me know if this ride is worth posting or if you guys are interested too. I know the Spaniards are, because one of them wants to make a 3D station for me and I'm holding a vote for the colors of the ride and type of station.


More photos HERE.


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^ Of course it is worth starting topic about, expecally if you want feedback.


It looks HUGE and fun. I take it the Turbo Dive is the rides big hill, kinda like the 2nd hill on Phantoms Revenge at Kenny Wood. Or is it a Turbo like even though the ride is moving at a good speed it launches even faster over the hill?


BTW, you pictures are way to big, 800x600 is the max.

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^Yeah, I kind-of figured they were too big...


The Turbo Dive™ doesn't have any launches, it's just massive and has an ejector hill on the bottom.


I'm kind-of laid back on this ride in terms of how I'm building it, so I will take criticism but nit-picky stuff I just don't care for. I'm about the fun in NoLimits, and with a schedule like mine, I ain't got the time...


lol Kentucky rap...




***Topic created.***

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TLM I'll never be able to please you won't I?


First of all you guys complained for me writing posts that where way too long when I wanted to be constructive like about your foliage work in Metallica park, I've always added some note in wich it could be improved not you guys are saying that I don't give advice wich is at all not true,


I do admit I might be one of the most critical members and definatl hrd to please when it comes to RCT2, but thats only because I set myself a very high standard wich also shows from my screens, I do reflect this standard on other people, and for my latest postsI didn't really want to say too much about adding stuff because I don't want to influence other people's style of building, I just point out what aspect can be improved or schould be dealt with, and if I my say so if I can't be a critic than what's the point of a game forum? Isn't it meant for others to say what can be improved because as I've stated before with saying "Oh I really love that screen" you won't help sombody improve, I rather have people pointing me my flaws that I can wok on them instead of being praised and not learning from it.

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^Well, I actually like it the other way around, but that's because in NoLimits and being at the Newton 2 stage, I know what is wrong and needs to be corrected, it's just that I lack the skills to correct it!


However, RCT is different I guess, because building stuff is a snap (you just have to know what you are doing). NoLimits, well, you have to have skill and a tad of luck to be honest.


But I do support your point a little, but work on your positive feedback some. Even if it makes people not as good, it just boosts their morality.

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Negative critcism motivatesme tbh,


But it doesn't motivate everyone else. Which is why wording things appropriately is important.


I'm not going to make a silly rule, like "for every critical comment, make a positive one," but sometimes that needs to be thought about.


And yes it's a game forum, but I don't think the point of such a forum is to offer up critiques. It's to SHARE your creations, and see what other people are doing.


Quite honestly, if you don't like that way of thinking, there are plenty of other RCT forums out there for you.

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