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  1. I Like it! Your doing pretty good with all the coasters. Check out my recreation I did back when I still had a computer, i never got to finish it because i didnt have enough room on the map. I started completely from scratch though. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=52035
  2. That woodie looks awesome! But I think you should delete those walls surrounding the first drop out of the station.
  3. Actaully, I think there's one more thing you could fix here. After that turn-around, where the track is going diagnol, I noticed that you made the track go up 5 ft, causing it to straighten out then go back into the turn. In real life that manuever would probably be fatal, so if your're going for realism I think this will really help: delete all the flat part of the turnaround and instead of making it wide and going up when its diagnol, make a half of a helix going up, then make the diagnol part but now it will already be raised 5ft so you wouldnt have to put that jerky section and it will flow smoothly.... but that's just my suggestion.
  4. Trust me, you don't want to know. And also, I dont think you should have the wooden coaster at 0ft beause that takes away the supports and it looks like the coaster is floating, especially on the banked turns.
  5. This would fit better in the preview thread instead of making its own thread.....but it looks like a fun coaster, I like it.
  6. What I can say for a Six Flags park is just to stick to a mainly generic theme, and use at least one traditional Six Flags rides (i.e. Batman, Superman:R.O.S etc...) And download some Six Flags custom scenery if you haven't already. And don't build something that you know Six Flags would never build, unless you want to be unique.
  7. I remeber when this park just started with the entrance building. My mouth has been gaping since.
  8. Whats up with Japanese coasters having catwalks around the whole track?
  9. I wanna join this contest so bad! I HATE my (should I say, dead) computer!
  10. Its a euro fighter I'm just using the air powered track for supports. I knew that.
  11. Thats the best looking air-powered launch coaster i've ever seen in rct2. Looks like I got some pretty intense competition.
  12. The station looks nice.(you should put railings around the edges) But I can't give my full opinion just by a station screen.
  13. I don't think you should have (what it looks like) five rides that close to the entrance. Even if it's not by the entrance rides that close to each other will cause a big cluttered mess of excited peeps and they will complain about crowds. Space out the rides, so the pathways don't become wall to wall people (especially by the entrance).
  14. I don't know if everyone knows about this or not but this happened about 2 or 3 weeks ago I think. Watch these 2 riders get slapped across the face from a steel cable! It gets even worse, Xcellerator is closed until sometime next year! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QHuL1h_Xiw
  15. I would but my computer got sucked into a hole of its own slowness and wont start. If someone wants to post screens for him, do it.
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