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The "Preview" Thread

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The beginning of the coaster looks very chunky to me. I think if you used the same kind of turn or something similar to what you used to get on the chain when the coaster is leaving the station it would flow a lot better.


Liking the all the white wood, but hope it stops here.


The rest of what I've done has white undertones but isn't primarily white like the midway. And that pre-lift is really the best I could do to get it to fit where it needed to go and work nicely. Just know that in real life it wouldn't be bump-turn-bump-turn like that!

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I would love to create a topic for this project (the contest park), but some people don't like when I have a topic, or advertise this park else where.


Also, this is my main focus for a while. I'm doing a lot of new things that I want to test out in this park. That, and I have a strict deadline of new years. (I'm going to get most of it done on weekends, and my two breaks)



^Eurofighter, named Blue Shot.

(yes, it is an eurofighter!)

Also, I'm basing my buildings and foliage off of other parks on NE.


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^You can post pics in the actual thread you know. Anyway, looks really good, and I am looking forward to seeing how you build the rest of your park. From a personal opinion, I would increase the train size to 3 or 4 cars per train, BUT, I'm not a coaster expert so if a eurofighter is only supposed to have 2 cars per train, so be it.

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Falcon Cliffs is a park I have worked on for a long time. Although it's small, I try to make everything as realistic as possible (even up to rides having control booths), and thus the progress is kinda slow.


Teaser #2 in the distance is the signature ride of the park: Timber Express (based on Lisebergbanan)


Teaser #1 paths still a bit unfinished

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Here's something from my park: Falcon Cliffs


This is the last teaser before I'll start a topic. It's the splashdown of a yet-to-be-named log flume. The flume itself travels on the very same hill as the Timber Express, but on another side of it.


Insert splash/skloosh.

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