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The "Preview" Thread

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Is this a good layout for a B&M Inverted Coaster?


I'm hoping on including it in a park eventually.


I personally like most of it, except for the ending. I think the curves should be a bit tighter to fit the rest of the ride. The end seems kind of drawn out a bit. Perhaps take the route for the ending starting after the second corkscrew the opposite of the way you have, since I have a feeling you did the end to fit under the existing track. That's my 2 cents.


Ultimately, it is a good layout for a B & M, and if you decide not to change a thing, that would be okay too, it'd still be a good coaster just as it is. Peace!

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I'm back!


Sort of had a lot of other stuff going on and thought I'd start completely fresh with RCT2 again. And since I love flying coasters, why not start with that?

Need some feedback for this one =D



Flying Aerial


1280x768 Link



One could say its in the spirit of Seaduck I made for a contest. - just realised as I write I could steal some elements from that coaster ^^

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Reviar: When it comes time for Anton Gardens to build it's flyer- you're hired. Your flyers never disappoint- and are truly wonderful rides.


Tiger: The park looks beautiful- but I'd SERIOUSLY re think the wooden coaster in the foreground, especially after the lawsuits when the track breaks and there's fatalities....

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Overview of what I have done... Ignore the entrance "stable" as RD put it. lol. I'm done with the "bare-bones" of another one but it has a long way to go. Here you go:




I'm thinking of making another "mountain" on the other side of the log flume enclosing both of the helices about halfway up the inclined turn. What do you think?


Thanks! Joel.

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We’re making a park with five different rollercoasters, all in one nolimits file.

- Intamin AG Inverted

- S&S Power Launch Coaster

- GCI Woodie

- Intamin AG Giga Coaster

- Small coaster (not yet decided which type it will be)


The terrain of the park will be in a hilly area. One side of the park will have a river.

The coasters will be designed to the terrain.


Our park so far.



This is our biggest project so far.

The NoLimiters group exists of two persons, therefore the construction process is twice as fast.


We haven’t thought of any names for the coasters and the park yet. Also we haven’t decided what the small coaster will be. So any ideas or tips are welcome.

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