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The "Preview" Thread

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^ If you really worked at it, you could get some decent .3ds models in there. Wouldn't be perfect, but would at least give you an idea of what it'd look like indoors and such.


And now.. me presenting.. some sort of Schwarzkopf!




It's not your typical layout, but it's got the main parts twisted about to give something different from the usual Schwarzkopf styles you see. It pulls about 5 g's at the bottom of the loop and in the proceeding helix, only for a moment or two though. No two turns go the same direction not counting the first drop. I feel pretty confident with this layout...


Feel free to rip me apart RD! I'm about ready to start researching his layouts and park implementations.


Nah- I won't rip you apart; I'm not that evil (Despite what people might say!) Overall, it's not a bad layout- but needs some refining.


The overall look of it reminds me of a Silver Arrow (Silberpfeil) mixed with a compact portable mkIIa (Dreier Looping etc.) However, you're going to want to enlarge the loop quite a bit- even as much as I love PozGs, that'd be -TOGO- painful. Also, I'd 'loosen' the rising helix a bit- and have it flow into the block- same with the return segment. Also, I'd put additional trackway out of the second inversion, and into the block brakes.


A good idea of the 'best of the best' for Compact Looping designs is Mindbender at WEM- It's refined, smooth and fast, without having oddities in layout as well- even with it's compact position.

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Looking for some opinions here, hows this GCI look in terms of GCI style, and realism.




What it looks like, at least to me is a confused GCI/CCI hybrid- which isn't bad, but I don't think that's entirely where you were going with the project. I'd refine some of the hills, as GCI coasters tend to eschew airtime.


Otherwise, it's a great looking design- and looks very 'fluid'



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A new smaller sized (with a very short, yet twisted track) working model, featuring Coaster Dynamix Intiamin trains running on my wheel and track design. Have to put the finishing touches on it in the next few days and then will update my thread here at TPR. (This is not "Project Kansas", but it will use the same train.) Peace!


This is what you get when you combine a CD Intiamin train and my wheel sets.

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-Yes Thats a B&M Giga,

-Yes Thats 9 cars long,

-Yes Thats 90 degrees straight down,

-Yes the forces work.

-Yes its Sexy.

-Yes there is no supports,

-Yes Thats a B&M double down after MCBR,

-Yes it has a long @$$ brake run,

-Yes the MCBR is taller than the first hill,

-Yes there are two trains in the picture.



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