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The "Preview" Thread

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^My only concern is that entrance/exit right in the middle. Yeah, its cool for someone in-line to look up and see that complex but it does not flow well with the rest of the entrances. You could save your guests a lot more confusion if the queue and exit path were not underground but were with other paths, meaning make the exit of that ride the same as another and the entrance from the main path way and around the whole complex. The scenery on top is very good, similar to Power Tower at CP but different angle.


EDIT: \/Wow...that was quick, looks much better

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Thick, lush, tall foliage or clean, open, 60's space age-y foliage?



I'd go for the open space area. It is the 60's after all! And it would serve as a nice picnic sort of area in the middle.


Also to add... Do you think I should keep the (really expensive in real life) tiled path or go with a simpler asphalt? It's not a huge hassle to change once the paths and borders are already in place.

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Here's something that's been in the making for... Heck, as long as I can remember.


If this were real, I suppose this could go under The "world's fastest Mine Train".... A GIANT ride that would be themed like a mountain, the course weaving in and out of the mountainside, passing through bodies of water that would cascade down the slopes. Ahh, how I wish NoLomits would let me make my coasters look like mountains...


One of the many moments where you pop out into the sunlight... only to return into the darkness once again.


Here you can see the superstructure of the ride. The yellow line indicates what the "rockwork" would look like. The mountain was to be themed to a "haunted volcano"... that would really erupt fire every few minutes. Ahhhh, well, a man can dream!


Looking up the monster... And that's only the first of TWO lift hills.


Part of the "inside of the mountain" would be similar to caverns.. while other parts still would be pitch black.

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^ If you really worked at it, you could get some decent .3ds models in there. Wouldn't be perfect, but would at least give you an idea of what it'd look like indoors and such.


And now.. me presenting.. some sort of Schwarzkopf!




It's not your typical layout, but it's got the main parts twisted about to give something different from the usual Schwarzkopf styles you see. It pulls about 5 g's at the bottom of the loop and in the proceeding helix, only for a moment or two though. No two turns go the same direction not counting the first drop. I feel pretty confident with this layout...


Feel free to rip me apart RD! I'm about ready to start researching his layouts and park implementations.

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