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  1. 1. I305 2. Millennium Force 3. Maverick 4. TTD 5. Raging Bull 6. Dueling Dragons 7. Raptor 8. Dominator 9. Revenge of the Mummy (USF) 10. Hulk
  2. ^ Personally, I still prefer forwards, riding it backwards kind of kills the airtime in spots except on the first drop (probably the best spot on the ride). I still think that repiV is worth checking out because it does feel like a different ride, and a much more intense experience. I would also have to agree that repiV is much, much better than namtaB.
  3. All this hype about namtaB is making me really want to head to the park. Alas, I am just too busy at the moment. This summer I'll be working there on the Whizzer, come say hi!
  4. I like it but i would try a different color scheme on the second building just for a change of color.
  5. I think it looks great. The Eurofighter is really intriguing.
  6. That looks awesome DJ, but i'd agree with coupon bring the towers closer. I do quite like the simple flower arrangement you have going on.
  7. To any major company: What should a young person who is inspired to get into the business do to "get their foot in the door" so to speak.
  8. Illinois Wisconsin Indiana Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Missouri Maryland (Washington D.C) Virginia North Carolina Florida Kentucky Georgia Tennesee I really need to go out west, and technically I have been in South Carolina while at Carowinds, if that counts.
  9. That's one of the best looking NCSO rapids I've ever seen. Nice Job!
  10. This reminds me of some of the first parks I built in rct. I think this is great and creative, please continue.
  11. Wait, so I'm confused, are you building this with shotguns from NE or are you shotguns, lol. Looks nice by the way.
  12. ^^ Now I don't know about that girl, but I do remember hearing that one of them had been stolen. That was a while ago though, so maybe I heard a tall tale. No one else ever heard that story?
  13. Hey, me and my dad are planning on hitting KD during our trip to DC in late July and we'll be at the park August 2nd. How crowded do you all think it will be, and do you guys have any tips or tricks for fitting everything in one day, also what to hit when and stuff.
  14. After grabbing 7 more rides on XFlight this past weekend, I'd say my opinion has changed some, the right side is about x100 better, front right is the money seat.
  15. The first and third screens are nice, but the others could use work, I'd assume they're unfinished though? Hey here's an idea! Finish something
  16. That's one of the nicest ncso entrances I've ever seen, well done!
  17. So, I got my X-Flight credit today and to be honest I was kind of disappointed. It felt so short! Like shorter than superman short! I liked the ride for what its worth but in my opinion the cons outweighed the pros. Pros, the first drop and cut-out element were awesome, its a capacity monster, which is needed at sfgam, and it adds many new elements to the arsenal of coasters at the park. Cons, short, slow-paced, not extremely thrilling, and for me the deciding factor was the restraints. God, those were killer, I could hardly enjoy it with the restraints digging into my shoulders the whole time. In all, it's still a good addition to sfgam and I look forward to trying all the different location, so far I've only ridden back left, but I would never rank it above Raging Bull and I'm not sure if it would even make my Top 5 at the park. On a lighter note Viper was kicking total A$$ today!!
  18. *Sorry I'm late on the whole situation* WWWWHHHHYYYY?!?!?!?!? If you can tell, I was quite fond of wildcat, in fact it was #5 on my CP list. I'll really miss it, but I guess I'm happy I got to ride it last year. Hopefully this will lead to something new and greater!
  19. You have gotten so good! Just try to be different and original!
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