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The "Preview" Thread

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We’re making a park with five different rollercoasters, all in one nolimits file.

- Intamin AG Inverted

- S&S Power Launch Coaster

- GCI Woodie

- Intamin AG Giga Coaster

- Small coaster (not yet decided which type it will be)


The terrain of the park will be in a hilly area. One side of the park will have a river.

The coasters will be designed to the terrain.


Our park so far.



This is our biggest project so far.

The NoLimiters group exists of two persons, therefore the construction process is twice as fast.


We haven’t thought of any names for the coasters and the park yet. Also we haven’t decided what the small coaster will be. So any ideas or tips are welcome.

How is that even possible?


That is the most ambitious thing I'm sure anyone has done with NoLimits. I sure would love to see it when it's done.

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Hey, look! A.J. is making a Schwarzkopf! Or...at least Schwarzkopf is providing the track system and trains.


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Terrain Schwarzkopf coaster, based lossely on Mindbender and Revolution. I'm looking for some possible names, seeing that I am quite stumped for this attraction.

What, is this "try and impress QueerRudie with Schwarzkopf coasters" month or something?


Terranaut maybe?

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It looks better from this angle. I'm going to do some splits and smooths as I go around supporting the layout.


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