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  1. I've noticed it goes down sporadically late season, commonly for maintenance purposes.
  2. I'm not really sure what Excalibur you've been riding! That ride has it's good days and *really* bad days.
  3. I agree, was also at SFGAm today and the past weekend. Slightly surprised as this has been the busiest day so far (tomorrow is the last day) and the rain early in the day really didn't help. Waited way too long for Giant Drop.
  4. Loving the Tumbler, but I'm hoping it's for something more creative/deserving than a B:TR recreation.
  5. Lower provides more interaction and a more scenic view for riders.
  6. Well, That's not what I meant. I think it's a wonderful idea, but the textures look like they belong in a different game and that kinda ruins the effect for me. I love the idea, the execution could just use some work.
  7. I wish that aspect was possible, sadly the towers/lift track are only static.
  8. If I may make a suggestion.. How about making a "complex" (so to speak) of water towers in close proximity/touching of different heights and styles?
  9. Here's the thing: I305 and Skyrush are not nearly as tall, and the supports are closer to the crest of the lift hill. I see where you're going with the supports, and the concept would work 250% better if the vertical supports were closer to the crest.
  10. Very nice! My only suggestion; possibly reduce the number of umbrella tables/spread them out a bit.
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