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  1. ^Love the way you edited it. Really make people want to see more and ride it themselves!
  2. Have just glanced at some of the posts and feedback that have been written, so unsure if my idea is similar to anyones. Images used from the index. And of course it is just a very refined draft.
  3. Well, another feature of the coaster. Still not worth its own thread I believe. A very scandi inspired landscape which have been cleared further down the track / ride.
  4. Another part of the coaster, with other landscaping done too it. I still have no clue what I want to do with the coaster and how to theme it though. And just noticed I can center that even better
  5. As I had no projects, this'll be a long going one. Heres one of the fine landscapings I've done. Got this little sucker on the rollercoaster. Just need to make the trench look neater of course
  6. ^^ Well, this one is getting an overhaul as we speak. Will update whenever I'm back from the kitchen.. which might never be
  7. I'm back! Sort of had a lot of other stuff going on and thought I'd start completely fresh with RCT2 again. And since I love flying coasters, why not start with that? Need some feedback for this one =D Flying Aerial 1280x768 Link http://bildr.no/image/1107451.jpeg One could say its in the spirit of Seaduck I made for a contest. - just realised as I write I could steal some elements from that coaster ^^
  8. Well, this sucks. Both my 120.000 block spaceship and this rollercoaster are no more. Due to recent events and lovely friends my saves are no more. They even managed to kill the backups. I'm going to rebuild a coaster of course, but unfortunately not Wolfbane =/
  9. I know I know, but I want it flat and to hold lets say 10 carts ^^
  10. This is the system Thats how it looks. But never, managed to make it work the way we both want. As a trainstarter... And just cause this recent activity in the thread, I'm actually trying hard to find a start / stop system for a full minecart train.
  11. Aprox 4 days at sporadic times. And a whole lot of digging. For the next coaster there'll be more work done, quicker. WorldEdit has become my friend. This project was however just item spawning and manual placement of blocks As legit it can be, without resource collecting that is. And yeah, flying to avoid falling to death at times =D Also I do not recommend having rails on the side of the coasters you build, as it'll might slow the cart down. Mine without the extra boosters goes halfway thru on just the gravity of the first drop. But it needs some extra and they are placed where it'd be realistic.
  12. ^^ Yeah, it sort of is, but u're talking about my system currently in use. He wants a start / stop train. And that I've yet to figure out. But the only other idea I've had and tried is a cart that is being stopped by a detector piston, and then started by having a piston place a block behind it, and then boost. ONLY problem with this is that the damn timing was a pain and it took way to much space to look any good. Also you had to have double wires and timers setup to push / pull back the track behind the cart. I did have a pic, but not any more. Will check in any of the backup folders if I still have the save, if so you can see the concept and perhaps make it work...
  13. Wiring beneath ( hooked to a lever with inverter somewhere along the track. But just seeing should make you understand whats going on The "train" start This gives a slight gap, but should make it possible for more than 1 rider at a time. I've not had enough people to join a server to try it. And yes, I took time to upload these, but I'm going straight back to building my spac.... soz other project ^^
  14. Its been placed on hold a little, but not for much longer. Will update somewhere near the end of next week. =D
  15. Ah, I just saw the name suggestions. I decided to go with something a friend of mine suggested in the end. Mainly cause he took the time and edited a picture together for me to apply to some paintings ingame. The Station and its line
  16. A view of the lifthill from near the station Brakeline and cart storage And there is a lot of these! =D The station, and the way you start the "train". I've tried numerous ways to actually have a start / stop for multiple carts before this one. I've messed up a little around the whole station, so these pictures are what it is supposed to look like.
  17. Alrighty then. I've been busy the last few days with this project and thought I'd post it at the lovely TPR forum. It is near completion trackwise and groundwork. What remains is all the woodwork and railing (or no railing?.. ) So I present you with this semi-realistic Minecraft coaster! (thanks to 1pizza14 for inspiring me to do one! ) The Lifthill using noteblocks as a sort of "chain" look-alike. Woo, the first drop! Seen from the furthest point towards the lifthill Could one say I was inspired by Prowler? ^^ There will be a video eventually, as well as other detaling done. But I just can't sit on this gem without showing it! =D Also, theres a need for a name. If you come up with anything just write a short reply and give your suggestion as well as why =D
  18. Could someone be so nice and add the grass quartertiles to the H2H5 bench and send it my way. For some reason it doesn't save any off those adds for me, but only on that bench >.< Regards// Reviar.
  19. Rob know's a lot of people. He should be helping with this being shown to park owners and whatnot. And then come build one in Sweden ok?
  20. Have you considered some sort of small transportation in this park for later years? Cause some planning have to be put into the placement of it and upcoming features that you might want. Trains are mighty popular in Sweden And you be damned! Now I'm going to start my own NCS park!
  21. Uploading as we speak. If it doesn't work, I'll submit through PM. Its has unfinished scenery as I have little to no time for parks right now. GAME EXCHANGE LINK
  22. Want a quick update on the date its suppoused to be in? As I never saw a date set in stone. Have in mind feb has fewer days ^^
  23. I have to withdraw from this. Unfortunately I've got way to many other projects going on. And this wasn't really a prio as I started way to late.
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