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The "Preview" Thread

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Psi: Join in the more the merrier, I actually changed the roof to a lighter red like DJ suggested and it looks a lot better, thanks for the advice though.


Coupon: Do I smell a TPR group park brewing? Thanks!


DJ: Cool layout, but if its inspired by Boulder Dash I definently consider make the coaster longer. Try adding a triple-up!

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Derek- refine the track plan just a bit- the layout is great, but some of the hills/transitions appear to be potentially jarring both vertically and horizontally (I.E. the single unit drop after the turnaround on the far right side). I'd also consider doing a fan-turn over the station- just for visual appeals of the ride. Looks like a great layout, though.

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I was gonna say that I sense the Phantom inspiration. Its so incredibly hard to modify the terrain and the coaster for the Phantom's ravine dive, I've tried many a time. I know this obviously isnt a recreation, but a nice rendition of the famous ravine dive. I definetly sensed the inspiration before even reading that sentence at the bottom of your post. So success for that, CCI.

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Hello Guys I have recently become much better at rct3 and I thought I would share a park with you I have named Forest Glenn.

Mind you I am not good at landscaping but I have built 5 very good coasters. Two of them are B&M's, two Intiman's, and a Zamperlla spinning mouse, Please use constructive criticism. I do want feedback and help-full tips this is only part of my park though.Forest glenn 8.bmp

Last and Final shot of the day. Or shall we say Night? adaption my spinning mouse contraption I call Radiation.

Forest glenn.bmp

This is an over View Of the park

Forest Glenn 2.bmp

This is a second side view

Forest glenn 3.bmp

Here we have Ground Sweeper my 5 inversion Invert.

Forest glenn 4.bmp

Cheetaka my Cheetah Hunt/ Stealth influence

Forest glenn 5.bmp

KingDa Na my 200 foot Beast tallest coaster in the park it will take you to 80 mph in 3 sec flat with a ride time of 30 seconds.

Forest glenn 7.bmp

The Joker. Can you feel the rush 156 foot lift hill, 67 mph, and seven inversions of fear?

Forest glenn 6.bmp

The Joker one of a kind floor-less wonder of fear. "Starting tonight people will die I am a man of my word" Quoting a line from the joker himself My favorite B&M ever!!!

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^I never knew anyone had done anything like a ballpark in RCT2 before. Look pretty good, I'll give it that.



I looked at that pic (above) and realized it is old, I have foul lines for those baseball fanatics who thought that to themselves.


Heres a pic of Gate 2 in the stadium...

gate 2.BMP

Ignore the paths at the top-right; unfinished

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