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The "Preview" Thread

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Looking nice grrt, but what cs set did you use for the lift hill.


It's all BigBurger's Timber Set. About the most useful set for wood coasters ever. The trick is to not custom support the entire ride!

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First you go to this site.




Then click download on the set and any other you want to download, the way you would any set. You extract the folder that opens to your DESKTOP. This will require some sort of unzipping program such as WinZip or WinRar, or whatever you choose. After you have extracted to your DESKTOP, right click, hit CUT. Then open your RCT3 Style/Themed folder. This requires opening your Computer (C:\) Program Files/Atari/RCT3/Style/Themed. You then paste your scenery set into this folder. And you are done.

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You must have done something wrong, or put it in the wrong folder. Check to see that there are no sub-folders. This means that you click the set, but then within it, the set is there to click again, and so forth.




You should click the set and only have this there. If not, make it so.

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The only reason I went about building this was because there wasn't one in the Game Exchange . I highly doubt it's the best one out there, but it serves its purpose. I'll put it up on the Exchange when I finish tweaking a few things with it.

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9 frames per second.


Holy [censored].


Honestly, I have no idea why the framerate dropped so low during screenshots! I promise you it runs normal speed in the simulator!


And, by the way, I have uploaded Son of Beast to the Exchange! Like I said before, not perfect, but I'm glad to have it added to the Exchange. Go download it! LINK


Also, here's a Youtube video of it for those who don't have NoLimits:

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