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  1. Update: MERRRRY CHRISTMAS!!! one of the few super-updates planned there's a small little area in the back of the park near Nightmare & Rampage that I've been remodeling, so far I have this: Yes.. Thats a screamin' swing, but it'll be redone do to hacking issues Also, a few screens: Atomic is temporarily closed due to the black hole...say what you want about the supports And lastly, a rare overview: Thanks all, and merry christmas!!! EDIT: also, If you think my ncso is good, look at this by fizzix (mastersax68)
  2. I can see the similarities of this and schwarzwald (which is also mind- blowing) great job!
  3. Wow, I was able to see the park in game and was basically "wow"ed. This was much better than I expected, especially layouts and overall vintages and flow of the park. Forget about what I said when I pm'd you, after actually Seeing the park in-game, this is easily a silver. I'm sorry this was so close to getting an accolade , but your attitude towards this already shows that you'll have no problem with getting an accolade on your next try. Keep Building Funkeymon!
  4. I'm really loving this from you. only thing that bothers me is that the poles/pillars don't look like they adequately support the roof itself, I think there should be 5 instead of 3 too. Like this: Anyways, great job!
  5. ^ thanks, K0NG told me to ask prodigy on NE & I did yesterday, Instead of just getting it fixed, I want to learn how to learn how to do it self-sufficiently.
  6. ^ It's Atomic's last turn. Well, I thought it was only 10 hours lost of work, but I went to my last saved game only to find the same black hole... so what was 10 hours of work is actually going to be about 10 days. Don't expect an update anytime soon.
  7. for some reason, I can't stop thinking about B&M hypers... recently I'm always on youtube watching them, made a huge folder of all the b&m hypers I have on NoLimits and rct2... heck, even my computer screensaver is behemoth's lift & drop... I've even made a layout in rct2. I would like to put one in Wickline but I already have an Intamin hyper dominating the skyline plus it would be an overkill of B&Ms in the park. Perhaps a side project?
  8. Looks Great, but are you sure you want to go with such a "giant" name for such a small hyper?
  9. wow, this makes me want to use Knex for building. (xcept for the $$) truly a work of art. P.S. vengeance makes your cat look 60 feet tall!
  10. Coasterfreak: In it's own simple way, that is AMAZING
  11. ^ I understand what you're saying. Also about the wingrider that's why I want a different name, orange goes so perfectly with what I have in mind for the future. oh and I changed the supports to dark brown. Unfortunately not. There isn't enough space in the park for a 3rd woodie, and Matador was huge for a GCI, but it'll be in one of my future projects for sure Oh, and that brings up another problem in the park... I'm beginning to run out of space. the map is huge (around 220x220), but the park itself will fill up nearly the entire map. and since I made most of the coasters to shape out the park layout, I don't have the space for my arrow looper, unless I make it over the massive lake (which won't happen) Ride Lineup: #2 Completed Atomic Twisted N'sanity Peregrin Nightmare Rampage an intamin freefall coaster called "fear fall" Working On Freedom Fighter Stealth What's to Come Gerstlauer spinner Zierer kiddy coaster zamperla kiddy coaster I'm trying to get my inspiration back by working what I think is my favorite area. This includes peregrin, The rapids ride (which if in real life would be the longest rapids ride on earth) and plenty more... when I show this area, you'll find my favorite color is red!
  12. Recent News: Since school has started (and XC season) , nearly all of my time has been dedicated to academics and athletics, and I'm suffering from creator's block.... don't worry I'll never put this park non the back burner though. So far I have reached year 250, and the park has expanded pretty far now and shows no signs of slowing down (so to speak) The old area where the Gci was has been scrapped... actually I took it out of the park months ago but forgot to say anything, the area is going to be replaced with this... The name is Stealth, but I'm sure there is a better name for the ride, as I want the theme to be "secret mountain facility machine" theme where you're riding with the terrain... perhaps camouflage or banshee or even project cypher. Sorry for all of those who didn't want me to use the wingrider trains on this ncso park, but to me, when it comes to what you need in a park (such as a ride train) I consider it acceptable. That's all for now!
  13. 40x20 huh? whats your ride lineup so far? so that nobody builds something you've already made.
  14. Oh my god you've improved so much in the last couple of months, So far I love everything, so fun to see the vibrance in each screen GREAT JOB!
  15. you can still have an intamin accelerator in the park, just you would need to change the placement of the ride for the best layout: 1) delete the original layout. 2) build the station facing perpendicular to the red arrow's station 3) then have the track turn towards the beach, the beach is perfect for a tophat and there should be enough space between the station and the beach to make a decently long launch segment, plus the launch will be right over the midway (bonus point) 4) After that, It's all up to you in what to do with the rest of the layout.
  16. wow, wingriders are beginning to dominate parks and designs both in rct and real life. But very nice teaser, just needs some more supports and foliage and you should be set!
  17. Sorry I don't have a pic right now, But I'm taking suggestions for a wingrider layout. I already have one that I'm probably going to stick with unless I get another dose of inspiration or get some suggestions
  18. A running topic!!!! I just ran a 16:32 at The Cerritos 5k (COW run) in socal today! and while running it I hit my 2 mile PR of 10:46 as well!
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