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The "Preview" Thread

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Great looking ride. Not sure about the trains. Firstly colors. Yellow w\ Blue OTSR's doesn't really fit. Secondly, why not make white a seashell B&M. I don't remember seeing any inversions on that side and I think the Seashells would be fine. Other than that I think the tracks interweave beautifully.


Clamshells. The restraints are called Clamshells. Alternatively, they are also called B&M Hypercoaster trains.


(I kept reading it over and over "Seashells???")

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re seashells: sorry brainfart.


Been a while since I played NoLimits. Bought it about 8yrs ago (could be wrong on timing, but a LONG time ago) and it got lost in the shuffle of new computers. Will probably buy NoLimits2 when it comes out.

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It's been so long, I don't even remember what email I used at the time. The laptop I have is on its last leg thanks to EU3 burning up one of my dual cores. My days of being able to play RCT3 are numbered at this point. I have heard good things about the guys behind NoLimits, but I just don't think it will be worth digging through everything to get the key/download.

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I've finally managed to make a peepable building using the stock scenery and path.

The two buildings to the right were failed attempts.

Tropico Shores as it is right now.  I've begun work on a boardwalk area.

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RD, to best do custom supports, I reccommend using an invisible support blocker. The most useful one namely being the object created by ja227 or 'parkitect.' You can place the invisible object where the default supports are, and they disappear. Thus, allowing you to use ZC to build your custom suppoorts in place. That way, you dont have the awkward looking overlap between custom supports and the default steel supportwork.


Just a suggestion. I love that layout so far, btw. And! Dont forget it is useful to begin the custom supports by building from the TOP down to the footers.

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The park is growing quite a bit, and I decided to steal a page from the Busch Gardens Williamsburg book for the next part of the project...



As you approach it - park side.


I decided to block out the other sections of the park via a larger than anticpated castle facade. The result is that I've got shops and a ride buried in the same structure for effect.



And from the back.


I'm still debating what to do with a very heavily wooded hillside towards the back of the Knightsbridge theme area; I've got a few ideas, but I'm mulling over the ride choices... Stay tuned.

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