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The "Preview" Thread

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I am starting to build a Floorless coaster, can people please give me some feedback on it, Bare in mind that I will custom Support later along with theme.

The Ride has 7 Inversions and top speed is 60mph


Please let me know about what you think of the layout.

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^^ looks awesome.


A little layout based off a layout of suicidecarz (member of NE) posted. So yeah. I think this might be the final version of the layouts unless somebody has to say something about it, then I can get a supporter and let'em get started. And yes this is a design attempt that I've been showing screens of. I've come quite a way from just 2 buildings, I've around 7 (some are pretty big) buildings, a log flume ride and queue, finished enterprise and queue (entrances not invisible).


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DJ: Nice, but I think your RCT2 is better than that LL; I don't think it's wise to do this project (if indeed that's what it is).

Dotro: I don't like the brake run section; I think you should replace the low-to-ground turn before it with something more interesting and those corkscrews look too close to the drop to be smooth. Also, reverse the barrel roll's direction.

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I was thinking about Zippo's Wacky World of Wonders over on NE when I suddenly felt inspired to create a walkway that uses the Side Friction Roller coaster as a path border. I tried it out with NCSO RCT3 amd I think that the turnout was very good. Please let me know what you think.


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