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  1. I've had the same problem before, Angry_Gumball. All you have to do is switch onto using another browser, for example, Google chrome. It is a reliable source for all Rct related websites. Hope this helps a bit!!
  2. I've searched the posts, but unfortunately there are no logo shops still making logos! Anyone know where I can find a reliable person to make me a logo?
  3. Where can I find a scenery list? Rct-world.de and shy-guy's CS list doesn't work for me. P.S. I'm making a park but I don't know what to call it, any ideas? I was thinking of calling it Discovery Park but I don't know if that is already a park or not.
  4. This is awesome!!! Great timing, just after I had asked for a finished electric fields!!
  5. I'm kind-of a newb, and I don't know what files I need to play the game and which ones to delete. Is there any easier way?
  6. Its an almost finished version of a ride! *hint* Look in the background!
  7. I recognise the track from a TPR video but I don't know the name!
  8. I have no idea what roller coaster it is but try figure this one out.
  9. I wanted to restore my objdata files, so I tried re-installing but I don't know what to do. I've tried going to start and Infogrames Interactive but it isn't there. Does anyone know how to un-install it? MOD EDIT: Second warning. Please use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Thank you. R.D.- Games Forum Moderating Team
  10. My try at making a station! SCR39.BMPSCR40.BMPSCR41.BMP
  11. The Crazy Castle Amusement's Big Move! The owners of crazy castle amusement's have decided they are going to sell their small theme park to move onto a bigger business, In Belgium! The all new crazy castle! (using six flags Belgium park)SCR36.BMP I love the way they made this but, i find it a but pointless on shops...SCR37.BMP
  12. My last post mysteriously dissappeared anyone know what happened?
  13. When using rct2 8cars trainer, can you join a normal ride with a barrel roll leading into an inverted ride so it stays upside down?
  14. I agree but I put roofing around it because its so close to the path and I don't want the guests to see the whole layout! plus, i have plans for the clear side of the Castle moat, that's why this path goes so far SCR27.BMP
  15. Its not as well designed as i would like it but its the best i could do with the limited scenery!I might try to redecorate it later on! (maybe delete it :S)SCR25.BMPSCR26.BMP
  16. Ive positioned the roller coaster next to the river rapids! SCR20.BMP The rollercoaster! SCR21.BMPUnderground! SCR22.BMPStats! Do you think the intensity is bad? *EDIT* Changed my mind, I'm going to make a heavily themed wild mouse. SCR23.BMP Front! SCR24.BMPback!
  17. This park badly needs a roller coaster! But where should i put it? next to the steeplechase or the castle moat or next to the food court?
  18. I have nothing better to do today so loads of updates!! Yippee! After i have finished this park, i am planning to make another park out of Electric fields, BUT! only if someone will PM me their finished park so i can get money at the start! Anyways, Photo Time! SCR14.BMP A new viewing area next to the dueling steeplechase! SCR16.BMPFood court! SCR17.BMPDifferent angle That's All Folks!
  19. Look underneath CC9's message to find a link to Crazy Castle Amusements! P.S i would leave the park open for a while to get extra money Small Update SCR13.BMP The newest ride, Cannonball!
  20. Update time Pictures of the new water ride, castle moat! SCR9.BMPSCR10.BMPSCR11.BMPSCR12.BMP The ride pictures! ( it looks horrible i will change it soon )
  21. Ive started a small but exiting park using coastercreator9's finished Crazy Castle scenario, Hope you like it! SCR2.BMP The small entrance area with a cafe! SCR3.BMPThe entrance to the dueling steeplechase! SCR4.BMPThe rest of it! SCR1.BMPView of the park so far! SCR5.BMPSmall Changes to the steeplechase! SCR6.BMPA carousel has been built next to the steeplechase! Teaser!SCR8.BMP
  22. Thank you for the help, if you look on the preview thread you will see what i have done I would also like to know if anyone had the obj data file for the flying roller coaster. (The one that has the picture on a green coaster) Unfortunately it clashed and whenever I try to use it it shuts my computer down MOD EDIT: I'm happy to help you with any problems- BUT PLEASE USE CORRECT SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION/CAPITAL LETTERS!- R.D, Games Forum Moderating Team
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