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The "Preview" Thread

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Excellent layout, I love it! Only a minor glitch seems to be between the two corkscrews: the transfer between the curves right under the zero-G has a weird kink. Maybe make it a continuous drop instead of leveling it in the middle?


Other thing are the colors: I'd say it's a bit too bright and needs to be toned down a bit, maybe with white supports? I think the name Helios delivers even if the colors aren't that obvious


Can't wait to see it completed with scenery and shrubbery!

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HAHA I love the phineas and ferb drop tower. Thats actually such a good idea for a disney park.


Here are three projects I'm working on at the moment.


A sort of intamin launcher spaghetti bowl with three launches and some insane transitions. No name yet.


A unique upgrade on the Vekoma GIB, something I call Stingray. With very forceful turns and two lifts that face each other. It has a banana roll (takabisha style!) and a loop.


A very unique launcher I call hawk. Its using the upgraded Schwartzkopf trains and the looping box track. Very odd I know, but something cool.

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In the name of the Lord, Our Saviour, Anton Schwarzkopf, amen. Praise be to Anton.


You might want to re-think the Speedracer a notch or two: Pretty layout, but you might want to consider a few changes to it:


1.) Your helix near the end, I'd consider making that a wider-gauge helix. The Speedracer class of coaster seldom (if ever) had tight radius helices, as they tended to detract from the grace and flow of the basic Speedracer coaster.

2.) THe end brake-run/workshed: Very few Speedracers employed a full-shed type structure for the brake run/transition track/storage tracks, and all of them did not have second point braking prior to the platform: Re-think this a bit: Instead of blocking the trains then turning 180 degrees into the shed, remove the shed, and make that last turn a banked 180 degree turn into the brakes. Also (and related!) Schwarzkopf coasters tend to have all blocking sections for the platform in a straight-line configuration- in this case, I'm guessing from the picture you have a three-train, two car ops: Place four blocks prior to the platform house for it. Also: In many cases, the platforms on Speedracer class coasters were narrow and thin; again, very few used a full-sized house, and even fewer had covered platforms. If you wish for a shed type platform, I'd use HersheyPark's Loopingracer "sooperdooperLooper" or SixFlags over Georgia's LoopingRacer II/Heartline I "Mindbender" for visual advice on the platforms themselves.


I look forward to seeing your rides grow here- it looks like a great start.


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Thanks for the advice. I'm really going by memory for a lot of the station. The inspiration is Whizzer at SFGam. Haven't been there in about 10 years, so I guess it's a little fuzzy. The exit station was more for functionality in-game than realism as now it merely blocks up before the station. Unfortunately the lift doesn't count as a block. I built the full building station because I loath the look of the ingame entrance/exit. I went back and redid the helix and the station so it is more of what you were saying. Let me know what you think and thanks for commenting.


Updated pics


View 1


View 2


Edit: I went back and added a block brake at the top of the lift. It changes the entrance to the first turn, but I guess it has to work.

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Well... Its colorful. But it isn't really good. Its okay, just not good. Way to many different windows on one building. Try sticking with one. They also seem flat, buildings should also tell a park's story. Give them a purpose. It is an improvement from your past stuff, just not there yet. You'll get there though!

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